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Why I Must Defend Myself From the LIES of Oma Hamou and her Alias names

When one uses a search engine online using my name, and my trade name, The Austin Wine Guy, one finds scurrilous, defamatory and simply out right lies spread across the Internet results now going back several years.

As law enforcement seems unable to assist me, and in fact unable to assist any of those she victimizes, and as  the person behind this campaign to defame me and interfere with my business and profession, she uses many alias names: Oma Hamou, Oma Mcconnell or Alexandra McConnell, Alexandra Moran,  is what they call "judgment proof" meaning she has no money, I must place this blog here.

I would NOT even have written here, had this person not continually written her own false and defamatory statements herself and aided and abetted other personae writing "on her behalf" for the last three years. If she doesn't want me to say anything about her, she ought not have been continually blogging and writing about me much less aiding and encouraging others to do so as well.

The woman behind all of this goes by many names: Oma Hamou, Oma McConnell, Alexandra McConnell, Alexandra Hamou, Alexandra Moran, Oma Demian, Alexandra Murphy, are the usual ones, but there are others. She uses a business name of "Enigma Royal Films, LLC" she also calls just "Enigma Films" and "Reseda Glass" and "Worldwide Construction Enterprises, Inc.". The reason this woman and her "alleged", actually made up,  friends crusade to destroy me is simple. I learned about her genuine background, and she wants me silenced from speaking about it.

This woman admits that her actions are all motivated by her bitterness and hatred towards me, and this is the reason for her actions.

This woman, Oma Hamou, Oma McConnell, Alexandra McConnell, Alexandra Hamou, Oma Demian, Alexandra Murphy and her other aliases have a twenty year track record of FELONY CONVICTIONS, multiple arrests, failure to abide by the requirements of her probation for her felony convictions which lead to more arrests, many many civil judgments against her for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a history of writing bad checks, and she was arrested late in 2008 in San Bernardino California on a Felony Charge of Forgery of a Financial Instrument (she seems to have forged a large check) After 14 months of dragging the process out, she paid the Victim full restitution and the District Attorney dropped the Felony charge. She has a history of evictions and bad checks.

A complete dossier has been posted, with the details on her activities, notably passing bad checks, stiffing landlords for rent owed and trashing the houses she rents by reason of keeping literally dozens of cats and dogs and not cleaning up after them. Not to mention numerous unpaid judgments against her.
That blog is here.

SHE WAS HELD FROM 1130 AM UNTIL 4:15pm and released on bail. Case pending:
Case number ATP3AV007224-01

One can EASILY find this booking sheet by going to and type in "Alexandra McConnell" and see this exact same document from the Sheriff's department itself.  "Alexandra" of course claims this is a forgery.  She must believe the LASD are "forging" documents.

This woman also has a recent default Judgment against her in Los Angeles County, in the amount of $55,000 which is admitted under oath was owing in her Bankruptcy Petition:
Case Number: MC020860
Filing Date: 09/23/2009
According to the case, Mr. Refai, a married man, was "involved" with Alexandra McConnell, she kept telling him about serious "medical problems" and asking for "loans" for medical bills in the total amount of $51,000. This was confirmed by the fact that a woman who used to live in her house wrote on the internet THREE MONTHS before the suit was filed: "I lived with this lady, she is no good. SHE LIES. SHE HAS LIKE 50 CATS LIVING WITH HER AND HER HOUSE SMELLS LIKE SHIT AND CAT SPRAY AND PISS. She is dirty, filthy and uses old men for money I SEEN IT MYSELF. By the way Hamid's wife knows it was LIPOSUCTION you drained their bank account for, not cancer in your asshole. He had her sign a promissory note, co signed by long time co-conspirator Jim Sproul. She of course never PAID back the money. She, of course, never showed up in Court.

Here is the Final Judgment against Alexandra McConnell aka Oma Hamou and her "longtime friend" Jim Sproul:

Mr. Refai is pressing the collection of this Judgment and recently ordered a Debtor's Exam of Hamou aka Alexandra McConnell. On February 5, 2013, Hamou aka McConnell failed to appear at a Court Ordered Debtor Exam and The Hon. Judge Yep of the Los Angeles County Superior Court issued a Bench Warrant for her ARREST and ordered a $10,000 bond must be posted by Hamou aka McConnell to compel her appearance.

The following have agreed to speak with law enforcement or potential landlords about their experiences and the Felony Forgery charge against this woman, in the hopes that others will not fall prey to her in the future.

2008. SHARLANE CHIPI. Represented by Attorney LAURENCE H. LISHNER filed Unlawful Detainer (EVICTION) against her tenant Oma McConnell Case Number: 08U03169
Sharlane Cecilia Chipi. She lives in Torrance, and her phone number is available upon request.

In 2008 Ms. Chipi was seeking a short sale of her home. A realtor named Kevin Davies (phone available upon request) introduced Oma McConnell to Ms. Chipi, claiming she had loan approval to purchase the house but that McConnell wanted to move in as a renter prior to closing the sale. (This was exactly the scenario she used to gain occupancy at Mr. O'Connor's house in Littlerock.) Ms. Chipi agreed.

The first rental check was written on a closed account. No further rental payments were made. McConnell moved in with her son and another man. The house was thoroughly trashed. Numerous animals were kept in one room which was badly damaged. Carpeting was ripped out. Appliances were removed. The kitchen caught fire.

Ms. Chipi sought help from the Sheriff's department which told her that they could do nothing without an eviction order. Ms. Chipi filed a U.D. (Case No. 08U03169 - Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse), which she later dropped due to lack of resources. She said that Kevin Davies also filed an action against McConnell and that she failed to show for the hearing.

Ms. Chipi says she has some files on the incident, as does Mr. Davies, and that she also has undeveloped film of the damage done to the house.

Robert Atchison

Won a Civil Judgment against Oma Hamou for her failure to pay him consulting fees as she promised him she would do.
Mr. Atchison is proceeding with Post Judgment Document Production demands from Oma Hamou. A District Court Judge has signed an order requiring her to schedule and appear at a deposition in Austin Texas no later than September 3 to disclose her assets, finances, and employment information, and she is further ORDERED to comply by providing the requested financial, employment and asset documentation to Mr. Atchison no later than August 20. She did nothing. Her failure to do these things resulted in an order of Contempt of Court.
August 2011: Hamou/McConnell tried to derail Mr. Atchison's debt collection with a last moment filing of a "Bill of Review". Hamou's Bill of Review was dismissed on July 26, 2011 by the Hon Judge Cooper of the District Court. Hamou now has no choice but to comply with the Court order. is Mr. Atchison's email address for confirmation.

The Court slapped Oma Hamou with an Order of Contempt of Court and imposed $1,000 sanctions against her for failing to comply with the Ordered Document Production and Deposition.
December 6, 2011: District Court Judge Meachem slapped ANOTHER COURT ORDER demanding Hamou comply with the previous Court Orders.

January 2012: District Court Lora Livingston Slapped an ORDER TO APPEAR AND SHOW CAUSE on Oma Hamou requiring her to appear in Person to explain her continuing violation of Court Orders. Her failure to appear will most likely result in a Bench Warrant for her Arrest:

Hamou failed to appear as ordered by the Court. As a result, a BENCH WARRANT for her arrest was issued on March 26, 2012 by the same Judge Livingston in the Travis County District Court

Hamou attempted in June 2012 to ask the Court to vacate the Bench Warrant, but it seems her "Paralegal" one Robert Richman (a Tai Chi master and Torah Scholar, as well as "Paralegal") seems to have chickened out on continuing.

In 2012 "Oma McConnell" filed for Bankruptcy in order to forestall debtor's exams and collection efforts.  She failed to file any required schedules or information, despite Court orders to do so.  Her Bankruptcy was dismissed for that failure.  However, On August 20, 2012 Judge Robles of the US Federal Bankruptcy Court ordered her Bankruptcy proceedings to be re-instated and ordered her to comply with Document Production requests and Deposition by attorneys for Bob Atchison, which are now scheduled for late September. Hamou/McConnell FAILED TO COMPLY WITH THE COURT ORDERED DOCUMENT PRODUCTION REQUIRED NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 14, 2012. She further FAILED TO COMPLY WITH THE COURT ORDER THAT SHE APPEAR FOR A DEPOSITION ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2012. She can now be held in Contempt of Court.

October 31, 2012, the Bankruptcy Court dismissed Oma McConnell's bankruptcy due to her utter failure to file even one single required schedule or document.  Judge Ernesto Robles said her creditors "are free to pursue their State claims against her".

March 2013: Mr. Atchison has had his Judgment made final in California and localized to California and is proceeding to collect against her.  A Debtors Exam (ORAP) has now been issued and ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court for Hamou/McConnell to appear in Court.

Eric Cowan
Landlord in 2010. Bad checks and trashed house. Rented from him as "Alexandra McConnell" but presented an expired California Driver's License in the name of Oma Hamou.

Thomas Ward
Attorney for Hamid Refai (victim of a scam who loaned Alexandra McConnell $50,000, for "cancer treatments" actually used by Alexandra McConnellto pay the Victim Restitution in the Felony Forgery case in Victorville, never repaid). Los Angeles Superior Court Case Number: MC020860
Mr. Ward's telephone number for details: 661-948-5021

Nancy's Reseda Screen & Glass
Has information about people looking for Jim Sproul and Oma Hamou about numerous bad checks and missing cars

Bryan Stodghill
Prosecutor in Victorville,San Bernardino County Felony Forgery Case where Alexandra McConnell wrote a check in 2009 on a closed account to the landlord, and in his words "She basically destroyed the house." He states that he would have taken her to trial on the charge had she not paid full Victim Restitution to the Landlord for the bad check and damages to the house.

Patrick J. O'Connor
Homeowner in Littlerock California who was selling his house using the services of Shari Porter agent with Big Valley Realty in Palmdale California. Shari Porter brought "Alexandra Moran" using an expired drivers license in the name of Oma Hamou to Mr. O'Connor as a "Qualified Buyer" of his home. Shari Porter insisted Oma Hamou be allowed to rent part of the home as a room mate of Mr. O'Connor until the sale closed. Porter kept informing Mr. O'Connor that Hamou was pre-qualified by lenders, yet never actually provided the required documentation proving this to O'Connor. Shari Porter told O'Connor that Hamou had deposited funds into escrow at Titan Escrow in Palmdale, but again refused to give O'Connor any actual escrow documents. Hamou delayed closing for a full five months, then refused to close when O'Connor demanded. She further refused to leave the property and now squats in the residence with four men, another woman and four or five children and literally ten or twelve dogs and forty to fifty cats. She has moved an old trailer and cargo boxes onto the property as well. She has squatted on Mr. O'Connor's property for over 18 months without paying rent.  This sadly forced Mr. O'Connor to lose his property to Foreclosure and Declare Bankruptcy, as direct results of this woman's scams and lies. (I also have Mr. O'Connor's cell phone number should anyone wish to speak with him directly)

She uses 145 South Glenoaks Burbank, CA as her "legal address". However this address is actually FEDEX Burbank and is nothing more than a mail drop.


Filing Date: 09/22/2008. CHIPI CHARLANE. Represented by Attorney LAURENCE H. LISHNER filed Unlawful Detainer (EVICTION) against her tenant Oma McConnell Case Number: 08U03169

2009 Alexandra McConnell wrote a check in 2009 on a closed account to the landlord Huiku Batchelor. Felony Fraud charges pressed and Hamou aka McConnell evicted after being incarcerated in jail. In the proscuter's words: in his words "She basically destroyed the house."

2010: "Alexandra McConnell" rented from Eric Cowan, but presented an expired California Driver's License in the name of Oma Hamou. Hamou/McConnell gave Cowan bad checks for rent and Cowan filed unlawful detainer/eviction and got her out of his house. Cowan, Eric vs. Hamou, Oma (Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse, Case No. 10U01290). Erik Cowan will confirm 661-947-2079

2011 "Alexandra Moran" rented a room from Patrick J. O'Connor, but presented an expired California Drivers License in the name of Oma Hamou. She then claimed to want to purchase the property. She delayed the purchase for FIVE MONTHS with numerous stories, and is now squatting on the property without permission nor paying rent . She lives there with her son, Nicholas Royal Moran, who has severe psychiatric disorders (his is currently under Conservatorship pursuant to the California Lanterman Petris Short Act) and has a history of violence, both domestic and with police. Mr. O'Connor himself witnessed Nicholas Moran beat his mother in front of him in the residence. She also lives with one Steve Fred Lee, who has over 15 criminal convictions for eluding police, indecent exposure and habitual driving with a revoked drivers license. Another squatter on the property is one Michael McBride who lives with four or five of his children also on the property. Hamou also has literally many dozens of cats and more than 10 dogs on the property. Hamou attempted to keep Mr. O'Connor from evicting her by filing a Restraining Order against Mr. O'Connor alleging he made threats of violence against her and her son. However, she did NOT file this order until a full TWO WEEKS after Mr. O'Connor left the residence and moved to Alaska! Hearing on the requested Restraining order was held Friday July 15. Hamou first requested a continuance! The Judge refused to delay the hearing. After the Judge examined her criminal record, arrest record and history of evictions and Judgments, the Judge in so many words called Hamou "a Criminal and Con Artist" recognized her string of VICTIMS and refused to grant the restraining order, and further told Hamou that while he could not order her out at the moment, she did have to leave O'Connor's property and pay him the rent owed. Hamou told O'Connor by email she will be out by September 1. Mr. O'Connor's attorney has begun Eviction Proceedings against Hamou McConnell and her other squatters. While Hamou wrote Mr. O'Connor that she would be "out of the house by September 1" she has hired a lawyer to delay the eviction proceedings. Reports indicate that the house is trashed, with old furniture in the yard, many old rusted trucks, tires, boxes and piles of trash are strewn across the property.
A Health Department Complaint about the property was filed on February 16, 2012 by the neighbors to this property complaining of "Accumulation of refuse and cast off materials" and "Accumulation of Animal Excrement" which Hamou has allowed on the property.
A Health Department Complaint about the property she currently squats in without paying rent was filed on February 16, 2012 by the neighbors to this property complaining of "Accumulation of refuse and cast off materials" and "Accumulation of Animal Excrement" which Hamou has allowed on the property.
These photos of the property confirm these reports:

More pics! Notice the large wood shipping crates where homeless children were reported to be sleeping and the old car parts and trash strewn across the property...

On March 7, 2012, the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services issued her a CITATION FOR HEALTH CODE VIOLATIONS No. 300055 for accumulation of trash, debris and animal droppings on the property.
Mr. O'Connor filed an Unlawful Detainer Action in Los Angeles Superior Court, Case 11U2065 to evict Hamou.

Patrick J. O'Connor will confirm and is anxious to discuss his Experiences with Oma Hamou aka Alexandra McConnell aka Oma Mc Connell aka Alexandra Moran.

She also has a history of failing to pay her attorneys. The following law firms have judgments against her and/or are owed money by this woman:
Freeman Freeman & Smiley in Los Angeles $10,000
Westar Legal Services in Los Angeles, $10,000
Foster Malish LLC in Austin Texas $20,000
Suzanne Curtis in Los Angeles $1,000

2011 "Alexandra Moran" rented a room from Patrick J. O'Connor, but presented an expired California Drivers License in the name of Oma Hamou. She then claimed to want to purchase the property. She delayed the purchase for FIVE MONTHS with numerous stories, and is now squatting on the property without permission nor paying rent Mr. O'Connor has retained an attorney and legal action is pending for yet ANOTHER EVICTION.  Patrick J. O'Connor will confirm.
Published on the web by Oma Hamou herself:
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 18:18:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: The Motorcycle

Mr. O'Connor,

I will not be arrested for the motorcycle as you left it here because I was going to buy it. If you no longer want to sell it to me, I have no problems giving it to Ralph. He must contact me and arrange a time and the day with me so that we can coordinate our schedules. He or no other friend of yours can just show up and expect to gain access.

She admits here that she doesn't OWN the motorcycle and admits Mr. O'Connor wants his bike BACK.
So what does "Alexandra McConnell" aka Oma Hamou aka Alexandra Moran do??
She SELLS THE MOTORCYCLE to one "Craig" for $4,500!!

"Craig" gets suspicious because "Alexandra" can't produce the title (which of course Mr. O'Connor still had) and would only give him a handwritten bill of sale (a copy of which I have in my possession now). The Los Angeles County Sheriffs were involved YET AGAIN with her and her various names to safely return the motorcycle to Mr. O'Connor!
Selling property that she admits isn't HERS to sell legally! Isn't that "grand theft"??
Also, taking money for property you do not own nor have title to by claiming it is yours to sell is "THEFT BY DECEPTION" a felony crime for which she has been convicted three times in the past.

Someone else has recently posted a precis of the criminal and debt history of this woman. You can go here to read the specific details for yourself:

I have put up a precis of the specific information for her victims and law enforcement here:
You are encouraged to share information you may have about her and her activities with me.


411.20. PAYMENT DUE BY 08/16/10 , IN THE SUM OF $
310.00 . Proof is here in the case record: Cowan, Eric vs. Hamou, Oma (Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse, Case No. 10U01290)



ONE TO WILD WEST MEDIA (17522 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, CA. 92614) ,
-Police investigation into these bad checks was opened by the Irvine Police Department.

June 25, 1991 – Oma Demian (NOW OMA HAMOU) is arrested in the State of Utah for NSF Check November 7,1991 "Oma McConnell" (aka Oma Demian) was convicted in the State of Utah, Park City District Court, Utah Administrative Office of the Courts case number 2218-911613381, of the 2nd degree Felony crime of "Theft By Deception" in violation of Utah Criminal Statue 76-6-405, and a disposition of "Guilty" has been entered in that Court for this crime.

NSF Checks written by Oma Demian (now Hamou) in Wyoming to:
KMart, 12/14/90 $437.95
United Airlines 12/17/90 $3,456.00


April 1, 1992: Oma Demian NOW OMA HAMOU AKA ALEXANDRA MCCONNELL convicted of the Felony offense of Issuing a bad check over $150 was sentenced to 120 months in Prison, sentence suspended. Case 91-103, in Billings,Yellowstone County Montana, for the fraudulent checks issued in 1991.
She is nearly psychotic in her daily compulsion because I stumbled onto these actual facts of her past, and present, which do not coincide with the personae she wants to project to others.

This woman, Oma Hamou, Oma McConnell, Alexandra McConnell, Alexandra Hamou, Oma Demian, Alexandra Murphy et al, has for YEARS now, threatened me with civil and criminal actions. For years now, NOTHING has happened except more ongoing threats online.

I am called a "criminal stalker". First, being called a criminal is Libel per se in Texas, since I have never been convicted of ANYTHING worse than one speeding ticket. As for a stalker, well, I have no clue where this woman is, where she lives, and frankly I don't WANT to know, nor can I care less. In the words of one of her attorney's, Dave. S. "the faster that woman is in my rearview mirror the happier I'll be" (yeah I have the email he said that to me in.). I WISH NO CONTACT WITH OR FROM THIS PERSON.

I do NOT wish this person ill, or harm. Frankly, I do not care about her. The less I hear about her, the better. That said, no one should ever be subjected to harm or danger. I DO NOT WISH THIS PERSON HARM, nor have I advocated, wished, nor advised anyone to harm her. Such allegations are baseless, wrong and defamatory. I just want he to leave me and my partner ALONE and stop the thousands of pages of defamatory lies she puts up and allows "friends" to post on her website in order to cause me harm.


Hamou has reactivated a dormant LLC, Enigma Royal Films. BEWARE however, that the "agent" for service of process is LONG out of date. Shari Leinwand with Gibson, Dunn NO LONGER SERVES AS AGENT. Oma Hamou aka Alexandra McConnell aka Oma McConnell is the TRUE agent for service of process. As an active LLC, there are large debts this LLC owes:
10/24/2002 Writ of Execution Issued (LOS ANGELES COUNTY, ENIGMA ROYAL FILMS,LLC, $82,012.56 ) by American Express. Case Number: PC027665
(HAMOU, OMA) , (ENIGMA ROYAL FILMS, LLC) Case Number: 05V09066

WORLD WIDE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISES, INC. was formed on 2009-10-30 in California by OMA HAMOU located at 22815 VENTURA BLVD STE 891, WOODLAND HILLS CA 91364 .
Universal ID CA-C3114859
Registration Number C3114859
Formation Date 2009-10-30
Address 22815 VENTURA BLVD #891, WOODLAND HILLS CA 91364 

Oma Hamou Alexandra McConnell filed for Bankruptcy with the Federal Court earlier in 2010. Here is her Bankruptcy Petition, this is the entire PDF file of 2mb, which is public record from the Court. She also filed tax returns with her lender trying to get a loan to purchase the O'Connor house. Comparing the two shows glaring discrepancies and untruths.
—Omission of Assets on Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules is considered A False Statement Under Penalty of Perjury, 18 U.S.C. § 152(3):

Oma Hamou owns two business entities, Enigma Films, Inc., and The Sarskaia Foundation plus Enigma Royal Films, LLC. Further, Oma Hamou owns and operates a website at, where she and alleged friends post information about her. Interestingly, Ms Hamou lists her own company, Enigma Films as her employer. The clear inference is that Enigma Films earns money with which to pay her as an employee. Yet, there is no declaration or disclosure of her ownership of these companies, nor disclosure of the value of these assets she owns.

HOWEVER: Her 2010 Tax Return states that she PURCHASED "Reseda Glass" in April 2010, three full months before the Bankruptcy filing.
NOTICE that her Bankruptcy Petition does not even MENTION she "owned" a business! Notice also on the Tax return she takes depreciation for two vehicles, a Toyota and a Ford F150, ACQUIRED THREE MONTHS BEFORE FILING, but she FAILED TO DISCLOSE THESE ASSETS UNDER OATH IN HER BANKRUPTCY PETITION.
Notice here in her Loan Application she lists $145,000 CASH as an asset, yet, she FAILS to identify exactly WHERE that cash is.
The Refai Judgment was just the previous year, yet she FAILED to disclose that to the lender. She lists small old debts, some as long ago as ten years, BUT FAILS TO DISCLOSE A SINGLE DEBT SHE LISTS ON THE BANKRUPTCY PETITION, JUST SIX MONTHS EARLIER. Interestingly, she doesn't list a SINGLE one of the debts on her Loan Application on her Bankruptcy Petition either!see below

Hamou received in excess of $50,000 in cash from Mr. Refai in May 2009, (see above) for which she signed a promissory note. Hamou made no disclosure of the whereabouts of this large sum of cash, nor did she disclose just where this substantial asset went. She FAILED to mention it to her lender as well...

Her 2010 IRS returns show "income" of $38,000 or $2,459 per month. She claims a "sole proprietorship" called "Reseda Glass" that "installs glass in high rise buildings" but has NO Federal Employer ID number, nor does she list any WAGES paid to any "employees". Is this almost 50 year old woman hanging off the side of a building installing glass ALL BY herself?
Her 2009 IRS Return, filed the same day (April 2011) swears that she was self employed earning $2,130 per month.
HOWEVER, her Bankruptcy Petition shows she claimed to have been employed for TEN YEARS by "Enigma Films and Glass Tech" earning $3,000 per month.
HOWEVER in, her LOAN APPLICATION Section IV "Employment Information" she wrote that "Reseda Glass" at the same address as her "residence", which is just actually a mail drop at a Fedex Office store, was her employer for TWO YEARS, and she earned $2459 per month.
ALL of this was sworn by her to be true under penalty of perjury, so she lied either on her Tax Returns, Loan Application, or her Bankruptcy Petition.
Hamou was charged with Felony Forgery (Cal. Penal Code 476) in San Bernardino County, Case FVI802540 Defendant 3045972 under her alias name of Alexandra Oma McConnell on December 2, 2008. Throughout 2009 she retained and paid for the services of her attorney Brian Watson. Charges were dismissed against her on January 11, 2010 when she paid Victim Restitution to her victim one Mrs. Huiku Batchelor, her former landlord.

Despite this payment being made within the six month window requiring disclosure, Ms Hamou failed to disclose this payment and preference of a creditor to the Federal Court.

—Omission of Assets on Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules is considered A False Statement Under Penalty of Perjury, 18 U.S.C. § 152(3).

Hamou McConnell Moran claims of violence, rape and cancer...
In 2002, she wrote to a Russian Orthodox Priest
Your Eminence:

I am writing to you to ask you to remember me in your prayers-
2 weeks ago I underwent surgery to remove cancer from my colon and I have 100
stitches inside of me. The physicians told me yesterday that my white blood
count is high and that I have 2 choices chemotherapy or another surgery as
they fear that it is spread in my uterus.
I am scared.

I am a single mother and I work hard and now my health is not good.
I have been in the hospital and now I may have another surgery this week.
Some things are worth more than money-

June 2007: Her ex husband confirms Oma Hamou was still claiming cancer:
I herd this from my daughter ...Anyway...according to (my daughter) that is the case...she has cancer and has fulfilled her name of Oma which means cancer in Latin.

May 11, 2009 "Alexandra McConnell" signs a promissory note borrowing $50,000 from Hamid Refai, Mr. Refai confirms, through his attorney Thomas Ward that "Alexandra McConnell" borrowed this money to pay for "cancer treatments"

This is further confirmed by an email from a former roommate who wrote on July 8, 2009: By the way Hamid's wife knows it was LIPOSUCTION you drained their bank account for, not cancer in your asshole.
August 23, 2010 on her website: yes she is still undergoing treatment for her cancer. I can definitely attest to the fact that she has indeed suffered from cancer. Those treatments are so hard on her that I have had to help her back to the car, then into her house and even into bed because they leave her so sick and weak that she cannot do anything.

Ask yourself if the following make any, rational or reasonable common sense:
This woman claims to be an actress and model, but for a decade steadfastly REFUSES to provide one single shred of evidence to support the allegation, not even a credit, reference or magazine issue. She says only "I was and I don't have to prove it. YOU have to prove I wasn't". Does that make sense?

This woman claims that her three felony convictions were not Her fault, but rather someone else's fault. Does THAT make sense?

This woman claims that her recent Felony Forgery Charges in San Bernardino are "just a big mistake" and "law enforcement and the DA" are on "her side" and "believe her", yet they STILL pressed charges and scheduling dozens of hearings over FOURTEEN MONTHS. Does THAT make sense??

This woman has claimed for six years non stop that I am being investigated by law enforcement and the FBI. Yet, NOTHING ever happened, I have never been contacted by law enforcement for any reason in those six years other than one speeding ticket. Does it make any sense to you that law enforcement is doing ANYTHING for six years now?

Buddha said Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Look at all the blathering posts she has put up on the internet, and ask yourself, do these things agree with YOUR reason and your own common sense? The answer is obvious.

As you can see, this woman and/or her cronies now LIE, falsify documents and use years old private letters to attempt to defame and disparage me, and Bob Atchison

Many people whom have come into contact with her call her a con artist and scam artist. She hangs out with convicted felons, even inviting these career criminals to live in her house with her.

You can verify all the arrests, judgments, evictions, etc for yourself with simple online searches.

You are free to email me with your questions,, and if you yourself have been a VICTIM of this woman Oma Hamou, Oma McConnell, Alexandra McConnell, Alexandra Hamou, Oma Demian, Alexandra Murphy and her NEWEST Alexandra Moran, I encourage you to contact me.


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RobMoshein said...

Fresh new blog. Carry on with comments here!

RobMoshein said...


SHE WAS HELD FROM 1130 AM UNTIL 4:15pm and released on bail.

Case pending: Case number ATP3AV007224-01

Blake Springpasture said...

Well, I guess now we know why she posted that she spent almost all day Friday with law enforcement personnel.

Heh, heh, heh.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"I was not released on bail but was given a citation on a criminal misdemeanor case."

I guess the booking sheet was so long that Hamou didn't have time to read it all before the cell door slammed behind her.

She was arrested on FIVE charges, four misdemeanors and one felony. As for her claim that she was only given a citation, bail was set at $2500.

They don't set bail for a citation.

Her cranky old spin machine is missing a few cogs.

Bob Atchison said...

Wow, amazing, good to see this. Wonderful news. This is BIG trouble for Oma Hamou. She still can't stop lying, even now.

Bob Atchison said...

Oma Alexandra Louise whatever - give us the name of your arresting officer so we can call them and get the details. We have your case number. Publish all the documents regarding the charges you have in your forum if you really want to clear it all up. So, it's just another misunderstanding - like all the other times? Prove it, post your arrest documents and the charges. COWARD.

RobMoshein said...

No problem to prove Oma Hamou is a LYING LIAR.

When I get a minute I will post the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department BOOKING SHEET, which will show the entire world:

Booking No.: 3486367 Last Name: MCCONNELL First Name: ALEXANDRA Middle Name: LOUISE

Sex: F Race: W Date Of Birth: 08/01/1963 Age: 49 Hair: BRO Eyes: GRN Height: 508 Weight: 150
Charge Level: F (Felony)

Total Bail Amount: 2,500.00 Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: 2,500.00

Everyone should see your most recent ARREST BOOKING SHEET for themselves anyway. Thanks for insisting I prove you a liar again Oma or should I call you Alexandra Louise McConnell?

Bob Atchison said...

Rob, whn you post it she'll just claim it's a forgery.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"my attorney, Dan Melnick, will appear in court"

She'd better hope he appears in court before he appears at the bank to try to cash the check.

Since she's filing for bankruptcy (yet again), it'll be interesting to see the source of the funds to post bond and to pay the lawyer.

RobMoshein said...

Bob, Hamou said she "will only claim its a fake".

SO, I posted the document and ANYONE can confirm the veracity and reality of the document for themselves.

Go to

Type in McConnell Alexandra in the fields of last and first names and guess what APPEARS!



Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"Despite the lie you published on the web, I was never in Kearn County last friday, the events described in your web posting did not take place but in your imagination."

First, it's "Kern" County, not "Kearn" County.

Second, no one here mentioned the specific day the car was confiscated.

Third, if you had nothing to do with the white Mercedes, then how can you insist I was lying in saying it was confiscated through a camera hit in Kern County (near Bakersfield, actually)?

If you know nothing about this white Mercedes the lien holder was seeking, then you cannot possibly know whether or not it was confiscated.


Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou is claiming on her forum that I did mention the specific day on which the Mercedes was confiscated.

So, Hamou -- quote me any passage from a post in which I gave a specific day.

If you can't, then you're lying.

Blake Springpasture said...

Wow, Rob. I looked up the penal code section under which Hamou was charged for the felony. Pretty nasty stuff.

Here's the text of the section under which she was charged:

§597. Cruelty to animals.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (a) or (c), every person who overdrives, overloads, drives when overloaded, overworks, tortures, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance, drink, or shelter, cruelly beats, mutilates, or cruelly kills any animal, or causes or procures any animal to be so overdriven, overloaded, driven when overloaded, overworked, tortured, tormented, deprived of necessary sustenance, drink, or shelter, or to be cruelly beaten, mutilated, or cruelly killed; and whoever, having the charge or custody of any animal, either as owner or otherwise, subjects any animal to needless suffering, or inflicts unnecessary cruelty upon the animal, or in any manner abuses any animal, or fails to provide the animal with proper food, drink, or shelter or protection from the weather, or who drives, rides, or otherwise uses the animal when unfit for labor, is for every such offence, guilty of a crime punishable as a misdemeanoror as a felony or alternatively punishable as a misdemeanor or a felony and by a fine of not more than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

Note that this section can be charged either as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the extent of the cruelty to the animal.

Hamou was charged with a FELONY.

So much for her years of posting about her love for animals and all the care and nurture she gives them.

It's just another volume of the lies around which her fabricated existence as a glamorous Hollywood player and great friend to the downtrodden revolves.

The woman is a complete fruitcake.

Blake Springpasture said...

I was able to get a tape of the polygraph examination given to Hamou last Friday. As you can imagine, it was quite a hayride. Here are some excepts:


Ms. McConnell, how many dogs do you have?


Ask my stalkers. They think they know everything.


That is not responsive to my question. How many dogs do you have?


Bob Atchison is a liar and a fraud.


You have a dog named “Bob Atchison”?


No. But Bob Atchison is a dog.


Come again?


I love my dogs. Rob Moshein is an asshole.


So then is Rob Moshein the dog?


Rob Moshein is a faggot.


(audibly sighing) Ms. McConnell, why have none of your dogs been fed?


I drive a white Mercedes, and I just love, love, love it. No one is going to take it away from me. No one, do you hear?


Okay, one last time. Ms. McConnell, why was your residence filled with sick animals, urine, and fecal matter?


My maids took the day off. I’m in the movie industry.


(aside to someone else) I’m not getting anwhere here. What do you want to do?

Third Voice:

I’ll just take her to Booking.


(raising her voice and sounds of furniture scraping the floor) I don’t screw men for money. They give it to me because I’m beautiful. Hamid Refai does drugs and his wife’s a bitch. I like Putin. My expert document exami ……… (sound of door slamming)

RobMoshein said...

New Landords Beware Blog posted to include the Felony Cruelty to Animals charge against Hamou/McConnell. Her potential victims must be informed about her animal hording and abuse of animals, not to mention the abuse on the premises she squats in.

Bob Atchison said...

Blake, that polygraph posting was really, really funny!

I suspect the Queen of Parvo herself, Oma-Alexandra-Louise, will laugh at it, too.

BRAVO, Blake!

Blake Springpasture said...


It was a transcript of the polygraph exam just as it happened.

I have it notarized.

RobMoshein said...

Oma, thank you for PROVING you were charged with a FELONY!

That document says: "for arrest warrant pursuant to Penal Code 17(b)4"

Penal Code Section 17 defines WHAT A FELONY IS.
(b)4 says:
"(4) When the prosecuting attorney files in a court having
jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses a complaint specifying that
the offense is a misdemeanor, unless the defendant at the time of his or her arraignment or plea objects to the offense being made a
misdemeanor, in which event the complaint shall be amended to charge
the felony and the case shall proceed on the felony complaint."

The Complaint was AMENDED to be a FELONY when the ARREST WARRANT WAS ISSUED.

Thanks again for proving I'm right.

By the by "Alexandra" some of the people who rescued your parvo stricken dogs and sick dying cats last March from Patrick's house heard about the arrest. I heard from them.

Some exact words from those who "helped" you with the animals

She screwed over everyone that helped her an that she came into contact with. People lost their pull rights, I was threatened with lawsuits (She said "I know where you live")

boarding facilities were screwed out of thousands of dollars.

FUCKIN A!!!!!!!!
ALRIGHT!! EXCELLENT NEWS she was arrested.
She is VERY bad news.

Why do you have this effect on EVERYONE who comes into contact with you?

Bob Atchison said...

I read the Arrest Warrant from the Superior Court of the State of California outlining the charges against Oma Alexandra Hamou McConnell by the People of the State of California. It was horrifying and moving at the same time. One can only imagine the horrors against innocent animals that occurred on the ranch. Such terrible conditions, a death camp for many of them. They had no one to turn to for help, to save them.

Whoever exposed the nightmare in Littlerock deserves a medal for bravery and kindness to animals. I have no idea what the death toll was or how many were rescued. Now it is important that it never happen again, that Oma Alexandra whatever she goes by, never is allowed to have an animal again.

We will all remember the lies she told about how wonderful her animals were being treated and how Animal Control loved her. No, Oma Alexandra those were all lies too. Thank God the State of California has taken action against her. She will now be stopped, no more innocents need to die.

Many people will be watching this case. People are celebrating already - cool huh? It is moving to see justice moving again!

RobMoshein said...

I have now heard from SEVEN of the people who "helped" Alexandra stash her hoard of animals from Animal Control.

Bear in mind, these people tried to HELP Hamou/McConnell and these are EXACT quotes from a number of them who bothered to reach out to me:


I HOPE my pursuit of her arrest with the Lancaster administration a few months back spurred them on to get her.

So glad she's arrested and being charged. Couldn't happen to a better person.

I hope she rots in prison and then they transfer her for another prison term.

GREAT news!

Why do so many people have this reaction to dealing with Oma/Alexandra? Well, I actually know that answer....

Funny, but nobody who has anything positive to say about her ever writes us...Well, of course there isn't anyone with anything positive to say about her...

Blake Springpasture said...

How does a woman who has gone on for years and years about her great love of animals and all the dogs and cats she has rescued wind up getting arrested on five counts of cruelty to animals?

Oh, yeah. The woman is Oma Hamou.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"Any notices sent to me by Animal Control to the T8 residence in Littlerock I did not received because I have a group of sickos who I believe have removed mail from my box. Had I received such notices including the notice of having to appear in court I would have contacted animal control and resolve things in a good manner."

Once again, in trying to dance on the head of a pin, Hamou tumbles off.

The question is not whether she got her mail, but rather WHY was Animal Control sending her notices of court appearances in the first place?

It's not something they usually do to such devoted animal lovers as Hamou claims to be.

And now we're hearing from Hamou that Animal Control actually admires and respects her. The fact that they're investigating her is just an unfortunate misunderstanding. Just as with the police, all of whom rally to her cause, despite arresting her from time to time over some little misunderstanding or another.

I also loved the news that Hamou was bilking people out of dog cages and selling them on Craig's List. Kind of like trying to sell O'Connor's motorcycle, pretending it was hers.

A con is a con is a con.

RobMoshein said...


That is part and parcel of the critical symptoms of Hamou's Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The over inflated sense of self: Law Enforcement LOVES her. SHE is just a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Total disregard of feelings and empathy: It doesn't MATTER to Hamou/McConnell that her fifty dogs and fifty cats were ill fed (she'd feed them POPCORN according to those in the know!) Ill housed (locked up in a shipping crate without water or ventilation) and were dying of parvo (a disease spread by feces). SHE disregards the CRUELTY to the animals to FEED her narcissism.

The VIOLENT reaction to being caught red handed.

Yes, Hamou is mentally ill and those around her all can see it. She steals from people and doesn't care. She lies to people and doesnt' care...


She can't actually accept the reality of living in squalor in the desert, eking out a meagre existence by scamming people on Craig's list by selling STOLEN merchandise...who hoards animals that she cruelly mistreats and abuses...who is a fifty year old middle aged hagged out crack whore.

She lives in a psychotic fantasy world where the FACT AND REALITY that she ends up in HANDCUFFS in POLICE CUSTODY on a REGULAR BASIS simply is something she refuses to confront.

Blake Springpasture said...

From a very interesting article on animal hoarding:

"Gary Patronek, director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University, defines hoarding as the 'pathological human behavior that involves a compulsive need to obtain and control animals, coupled with a failure to recognize their suffering'.

"Hoarders' lifestyles often match the degenerate sanitary conditions that surround them. As with his or her animals, the hoarder often fails to provide adequate care for dependents both young and old, who suffer from a lack of basic necessities as well as the health problems caused by unsanitary conditions.

"Animal hoarders display symptoms of delusional disorder in that they have a belief system out of touch with reality. Virtually all hoarders lack insight into the extent of deterioration in their habitations and on the health of their animals, refusing to acknowledge that anything is wrong. Furthermore, hoarders may believe they have a special ability to communicate and/or empathize with animals.

"Animal hoarding is an attachment disorder, which is primarily caused by poor parent-child relationships during childhood. It is characterized by an inability to form close relationships with other humans in adulthood. As a result, those suffering from attachment disorder may turn to animals for companionship. Interviews with animal hoarders have revealed that hoarders have often experienced domestic trauma in childhood."

Seems to fit Hamou to a tee.

Bob Atchison said...

You nailed it, Blake, thank you for that posting. That is Oma Alexandra Louise Oma McConnell. She is an animal hoarder, psychotic and a narcissist con-artist. She will never change - nor can she ever be rehabilitated. That is why prison or incarceration in a mental hospital are the only options to protect society from her.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

" Had I received such notices including the notice of having to appear in court I would have contacted animal control"


Just like you appeared for the Refai trial.

Just like you responded to court orders to file your bankruptcy schedules.

Just like you appeared for three Creditor Meetings.

Just like you appeared for the two Rule 2005 exams Judge Robles ordered to you attend.

Just like you appeared for your debtor exam in Texas.

Just like you appeared for your debtor exam in Lancaster.

Just like you appeared for your bench warrant at the LAX Sheriff's Department.

Just like you appeared in the dozen or so other cases in which default judgments were entered against you.

You NEVER appear voluntarily when legally summoned. The only way you appear in any matter in which you know you cannot prevail is when you are arrested.

Hence the arrest in the Batchelor case and the $1MM bond. Hence the several arrests for probation violations. Hence the arrest last Friday. Hence the accumulating pile of bench warrants for your arrest.

If you think anyone believes you failed to resolve the animal control matter because you didn't get your mail, you really are as stupid as you sound.

RobMoshein said...


Hamou also suffers from delusions caused by her narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.

She says whatever she think she "has" to say to slither out of whatever crack she finds herself stuck in.

She cares not for even basic plausibility (remember the two headed rape baby?). She cares not for even possible veracity (remember the "crack team of Mensa lawyers?). She cares not for possible verification (remember when we heard from Mrs Batchelor's son and Eric Cowan and Patrick who all told stories polar opposite to Hamou's tall tales?)

She doesn't even care that it makes her look stupid...well even more stupid than her hillbilly grammar,spelling, teen aged name calling and drunken profane rants already make her look...

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"The warrant from Texas stems from Bob Atchison's waltzing into district court while I was in bankruptcy"

No, nitwit.

The warrant in Texas stems from your failure to appear for a debtor's exam per order of the court.

Just as the warrant in California stems from your failure to appear for a debtor's exam in the Refai case per order of the court.

And just as another warrant will issue in California if you fail to appear for the debtor's exam in the Sister State Judgment per order of the court.

You get arrested because of what YOU do, not because of what others do.

Blake Springpasture said...

Sandman-who-is-Oma posted:

"On June 15,2001 U.S. District Court Judge Hurley sentenced Ms. Cheryl Poindexter to one year and one day in prison."

Well, once again we see more evidence that Hamou manages to surround herself with people who have criminal histories.

Is there some undiscovered form of electromagnetism that draws con artists to each other?

"She [Poindexter] was also ordered to pay $759,000, but there is little expectation she will actually pay anything."

Peas in a pod.

Penelope Autumnvale said...

Oh, my dears. Ms. Hamou / McConnell / Murphy / Moran put up the most charming twitter about beautiful college libraries. I am so glad she is taking such a long overdue interest in such things.

And, Ms. H / M / M / M dear, I think it's just wonderful that, even at this stage of your life, you are seeking to expand your intellectual horizons. I really do think it will lift your spirits.

But, dear, please do check out the 400's while you're at the library. You'll find some of the most wonderful books on language, grammar, and even a nice collection of dictionaries in that section.

Education is most solid when built on a sound foundation, my sweet. And without good language skills, well, my dear, we're just savages, don't you agree?

And why not see if Mr. Snoopy is free to join you? Profanity is neither the most elegant nor the most persuasive form of communication, you see, my pet.

Mrs. A.

RobMoshein said...

It is pretty darn funny Blake to watch Hamou/McConnell dredge up OTHER people's past history.

"Alexandra McConnell's" history:





Hell, Oma owes just that much to American Express ALONE!

Wait, I get it, maybe Oma is BRAGGING that SHE is a BETTER criminal than Cheryl was!

Yeah that must be it. Oma certainly has a longer history and FAR MORE EXPEREINCE as a CRIMINAL. She must just be rubbing Cheryl's face in it.

RobMoshein said...

It is pretty darn funny Blake to watch Hamou/McConnell dredge up OTHER people's past history.

"Alexandra McConnell's" history:





Hell, Oma owes just that much to American Express ALONE!

Wait, I get it, maybe Oma is BRAGGING that SHE is a BETTER criminal than Cheryl was!

Yeah that must be it. Oma certainly has a longer history and FAR MORE EXPEREINCE as a CRIMINAL. She must just be rubbing Cheryl's face in it.

Bob Atchison said...

As I have posted earlier I don't believe she can be rehabilitated and the only way to stop her is to separate her from society.

If Oma Alexandra McConnell Hamou etc. went to prison she could no longer harm animals and it would be more difficult for her to run her scams from there.

At the very least she should be ordered by the court not to own, sell or house any dog or cat. She should also be banned from the Internet.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"I have never spent a day in any prison facility."

Well, that's certainly slicing the tomato thinly.

She might not have spent a day in a "prison", but cumulatively she has spent months in jails.

When one's only argument for her uprightness is a parsing of the difference between a "prison" and a "jail", she is talking from the bottom of the barrel.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hey, Oma. Thanks for posting that invoice for the four hundred and twelfth time.

Of course, since the jury didn't buy your story, your Bill of Review was thrown out, and The Great Invoice Conspiracy is inadmissible in the California proceeding as res judicata, it's utterly irrelevant for any purpose other than taking up space on your "Babble Oma" forum.

But that's what bandwidth is for, I suppose. And it's a nice break occasionally to see something on that forum of yours that is not riddled with grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

RobMoshein said...

Two points Blake. First, it isn't actually res Judicata in California per se as now it is MOOT as Hamou failed to challenge Bob's Judgment in California at all so no Court will even listen to it for any reason

Secondly the "technicality" she claims as the reason for dismissal of the Bill of Review was actually Judge Cooper listening to Hamou sob and whimper about "fraud" and then dismissing her case as without any basis in law

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"the US Federal Bankruptcy Court not having any jurisdiction over the civil bench warrant Bob got in Texas against me"

Oh, yeah. I forgot all about that.

It's been months now, Oma. Why haven't you ever asked to have the hearing scheduled on that motion to set aside the bench warrant?

Cat got your tongue? Afraid of having your ass tossed in jail? Afraid of the judge ordering you to a debtor's exam on the spot?

RobMoshein said...


It will probably be the same reason she never challenged the localization of Bob's Judgment in California. Which is now enforceable so Hamou can explain it all to the Judge at her Debtor's Exam in Palmdale Courthouse.

Bob Atchison said...

I can't wait for that Debtor's Exam and it WILL happen. Hamou-McConnell will have to eventually obey the judge and the court.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"my bankruptcy will be in full swing, thereby rendering any debtors examination on your [Atchison's] behalf, moot."

Since Hamou has never seen a bankruptcy filing all the way through, I guess I can understand why she doesn't understand what will happen.

The purpose of a debtor's exam is to ascertain a person's assets, liabilities, and sources of income.

The same thing will be done in a bankruptcy filing through the Creditor Meeting and any Rule 2004 motions.

Whether it's called a debtor's exam, a Creditor Meeting, or a Rule 2004 exam, it accomplishes the same thing: to hold her to account for her financial claims.

Now, she may pull the trick again of filing a bankruptcy petition in order to try to duck bench warrants and then blowing off the judge's orders to file schedules, to appear at the Creditor Meeting, and to appear at any other hearings demanded.

But having already done the same thing recently, the judge is going to look at her case in a very different light this time.

As Bob Atchison said, sooner or later Hamou will submit to a debtor's exam -- no matter what it is called.

And Atchison's and Refai's attorneys will be there.

I sincerely hope Hamou does file a bankruptcy proceeding. It would be much better for Atchison and Refai to have her under a federal bench warrant for failing to appear at bankruptcy proceedings than state bench warrants.

Rebecca Jordan said...

Hello, everybody!

I've been traveling (what's the use of retirement if you don't travel?) but I have been reading to keep up. So now she's torturing animals? Disgusting. Also, dear, do you think it is a good idea to brag on your blog that you intend to file bankruptcy simply to stave off Bob? I doubt that is going to endear you to Judge Robles.

You guys! I went all over the place, including a trip to Russia AND a stop-off in Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, before starting in Edinburgh and working my way down to London. It's been GREAT, but I think I am ready to come home.

Hope all is well --- been keeping up with Mitzi through email, and she has kept me rolling on the floor laughing.

Rob, any chance you're in New York this spring?



RobMoshein said...


Hamou aka McConnell doesn't have the intelligence to understand Bob and Refai WANT her in front of Judge Robles! They can't WAIT to have him ORDER HER to debtor exams and have her SLAPPED in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit until she OBEYS orders to SUBMIT to the debtor exam.

PLEASE file already...

My money says Oma/Alexandra will NEVER go back to Federal Court because she is too much the lying snivelling COWARD to stand in front of a Judge again with the chance of going back to JAIL yet again.

Her tearful sobbing and whimpering about fraud will do NOTHING IN FEDERAL COURT. Except to Judge Robles that she is a LYING COWARD FRAUD.

PLEASE FILE ALREADY OMA! lawyers and creditors are WAITING and EAGER to drag your lipsuctioned ass into COURT IN FRONT OF A JUDGE

which is why she will never actually do it....she is a coward and liar

RJ no plans for New York in the next month or two yet. Will let you know of course when I will

RobMoshein said...

by Oma Hamou on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:49 am
I will challenge in the bankruptcy court Bob Atchison's claim he is a legitimate creditor of mine

No you won't. You are a liar. Why? Easy:

Postby Oma Hamou on Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:24 pm
This document is on file with the US Bankruptcy Court and is attached as an Exhibit in a Motion to the US Bankruptcy Court.
No it wasn't. NOTHING was "on file with the US Bankruptcy Court that day. YOU LIED.

by Oma Hamou on Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:48 pm
I spoke with Mercedes who did in fact Google my name and read the libelous sites created by the hand of my known stalkers (predators). I will admit, I was late in making my monthly payment but I made that payment and everything is fine. I get to keep my car and Mercedes Benz is happy having me as a customer
No you did NOT "speak with Mercedes" about a payment. WHY? Because the car was NOT financed by Mercedes Benz Credit! You did not "Get to keep the car" as it was REPOSSESSED FROM YOU THE VERY NEXT DAY. YOU LIED.

by Oma Hamou on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:22 pm
I have filed an objection to your APPLICATION to have the 2005 Texas judgment you obtained against me enforced here in California. A copy of which has been sent by way of US Mail to your attorney of record, Thomas Ward
BUT you did NOT file anything nor send anything to Tom Ward. YOU LIED

by Oma Hamou on Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:28 pm
Los Angeles DA needs and it has been requested a copy of the file in Anchorage Alaska concerning Patrick O' Connor
Patrick checked. NOTHING was requested by anyone of any "file in Anchorage". They assured him they would let him know the instant anyone ever did. YOU LIED.

I could go back for years with Hamou's string of deliberate lies, but, this proves the point.

She will do nothing. She never does. Except manage to wind up in handcuffs in the back of a squad car on a regular basis...

Blake Springpasture said...

Now, Rob, I'm sure Hamou didn't wind up in handcuffs in any such manner.

Finding out that a warrant had mistakenly been issued for her arrest, she drove to the police station in her white Mercedes to clear up the unfortunate confusion.

The police, impressed with her soft-spoken poise and elegant dress, apologized profusely for incommoding her with such piffle as a few animal abuse charges.

They loosely handcuffed her since, regrettably, procedure could not be set aside even for her, and placed her in a private cell where she was shortly served a beautifully prepared bologna sandwich and a Diet Cherry Coke.

After lunch, she was brought a cell phone by which she could summon one of Los Angeles' premier attorneys to her assistance. He spoke with the police, who afterward became even more profuse in their apologies for the inconvenience the warrant had caused her.

Several officers offered to post bail for her, but she assured them that her Platinum Mastercard would go through just fine, whereupon they summoned the valet to bring her car around.

She left, smiling coyly as several officers (and the valet) asked for her phone number. Despite her justified irritation at the disruption to her busy day, she did note with some satisfaction that her Mercedes had been washed, waxed, and buffed.

Bob Atchison said...

Rob, Hamou simply lies about anything and everything. She's a classic narcissist. Judges and law enforcement deal with these types all the time and "know one when they see one". As I have posted here Hamou aka etc. cannot change or be rehabilitated. She will continue to lie, scam and con for the rest of her life. She has no empathy for her victims - or anyone else. The only way society can protect itself from her is to jail her or put her in a mental institution.

Hamou aka etc. will ignore any and all court orders. She will continue to use her 'babble' forum to 'project' her own scams, cons and crimes onto others, including us.

Bob Atchison said...

VERY FUNNY!!! Blake that was great.

RobMoshein said...

We get interesting information on a regular basis this is the MOST interesting of late:

"Katherine Kennedy" was a model. She got pregnant and went to attorney Anthony Carsola and Susan Romig to arrange a private adoption. Here she selected which family she wanted to place her child.  She claimed she was pregnant with twins as this family stated they wanted a girl and she knew she carried a boy. She led them on for months that the boy was healthy but the girl was small and frail. The adoptive family rented an apartment in LA and came to await the birth. This family found her odd to say the least. She told them she had been adopted as a teenager by relatives of the Kennedy family and had had her name legally changed. When asked why they weren't helping her, she claimed her "Kennedy father" was very disappointed in her. She also claimed she was only 19 when in fact she was 23. She claimed she felt destined to marry Prince Charles and even produced an invitation for a luncheon for Queen Elizabeth. It was dirty and wrinkled like it had come from the trash. She also had a huge obsession for Marilyn Monroe and felt she was her reincarnation. She had pictures of Marilyn Monroe all over her apartment and had even made a tape of her singing along with MM for the adoptive family to play to the babies. She also had a journal of 5, yes 5, possible men who could be these babies father. In reality the father was a man named Essie who was a chauffeur for a well to do man in LA. Another of the men was the nephew of a bishop or something at a local greek or russian orthodox church close to Beverly Hills. Most of the others seemed to be middle easterners. She had a photo of herself dressed in Arab garb to give to the babies. Nicholas Alexander Royal Kennedy was born in the early morning hours of July 27, 1986 by c-section at Cedars Sinai. There were no findings she had ever been pregnant with twins. Things were fine till it came time for the family to stop paying for her recovery. Then she did a 360 and decided she wanted the baby back and refused to sign the final paper work. It ended up in court. The family remembered her showing them a year book with the name of Oma McConnell. A detective located her family. It turned out her father was a long distance truck driver and had emancipated her at 16 to get rid of her. He agreed to being flown to LA to testify against her. He even had the decency to appear to be genuinely appalled that Oma had taken this family for around $50,000.

RobMoshein said...

Her father was there. She walked right past him in the hall outside the court room. All a sudden she stopped and did a double take and turned around and realized who he was. She was stunned. Her father said she had her room full of Marilyn Monroe pictures and wouldn't stop talking about her. He said she worked in a restaurant (A&W?) and there was a theft problem that stopped after she quit working there. She was such a problem that they emancipated her at 16. All the pictures she would take of the baby in different outfits she had sent to them pretending she was taking care of the baby with no mention of the adoption. During this time in court, Oma received twice a month visitation of the baby. The adoptive family was so freaked by her that they rented another apartment across from a hotel. They would go to the apartment for the visit and then flee to the hotel for safety. Sometimes they would fly out for the visit and she would not even show up. When she did visit she would bring lots of baby clothes and dress the baby in them and take lots of pictures. She would also lock herself in the bathroom with the baby for long periods of time. When the judge asked her why she didn't have a job to support the baby she said the family's attorney followed her from job interview to job itnterview and would go in after she left and tell them she was crazy so they wouldn't hire her. Luckily the time period she claimed this to have happened the attorney was in trial in Orange County. The judge in her infinite wisdom took this case under advisement but Oma won according to the law. She and her attorney, a strange young man with an unusual tic and who would pick the sores on his face constantly, were to decide when to retrieve the baby from the family's attorney's office. This was slated for 2 pm on Feb 7, 1987. The attorney and his secretary waited until 6 and Oma never showed. They had to call the family and ask what to feed baby and his schedule as the family had only provided bottles for the day. The secretary took the baby home for the night as the adoptive family had returned to their home in another state. After spending a frantic day trying to locate her her attorney found her and arranged for her to get the baby the next day. She arrived in an old beat up car with an elderly man and no car seat. She drove off with the baby in her lap. She continued to call the adoptive family for quite a few months telling them such tales as the baby had an eye infection and his eye exploded. and other tales of woe. The family got an unlisted number and she even got the operator to call it for emergency purposes. Finally after she learned the family had adopted a baby girl they were left in peace. She may be out of their lives, but her evilness will never be forgotten

Blake Springpasture said...

Now we understand why that baby grew up to be a drug addict who is in and out of jail and psychiatric facilities.

It's been clear for a long time that Hamou suffers from mental illness. The above saga, though, puts a far more chilling spin on her psychopathy than scamming a string of adults to get cash, housing, and cars.

She has been living in her bizarre fantasy world since childhood -- a world where she is Marilyn Monroe, a Kennedy, a descendant of Russian nobility, a guest of royalty, a mysteriously exotic Arab woman, a Russian empress, a film producer, head of an international charity, jet-setting confidante of Russian government and church officials ........

But through it all, there is one constant: she is always a victim. A victim of the lies told by landlords, the lies told by her housemates, the lies told by litigants, the lies told by people who go to the police about her.

Bob Atchison lied about her.
The Mortons lied about her.
Eric Cowan lied about her.
Charlane Chipi lied about her.
Tina Van Veen lied about her.
William Monk lied about her.
John Lupoli lied about her.
Cheryl Poindexter lied about her.
Debbie Holland lied about her.
Marcus Demian lied about her.
Tsarskoye Selo museum staff lied about her.
Huiku Batchelor lied about her.
The San Bernardino District Attorney lied about her.
Thomas Ward lied about her.
Baruch Cohen lied about her.
Shane Boasberg lied about her.
Patrick O'Connor lied about her.
Hamid Refai lied about her.
Her father lied about her.
And on and on and on ........

Yes, Oma Hamou lives in a fantasy world all her own, where reality never visits, but where checks from admirers can be sent to a post office box in Burbank.

RobMoshein said...

Well, this new information explains exactly why "Nicholas Royal Alexander Moran", born July 27, 1986, in Los Angeles, birth certificate says his mother's maiden name was KENNEDY"!

Bob Atchison said...

What terrible new stuff, Oma.

I don't see any explanation for what Rob posted. I am certain it is true.

You should be ashamed for what you have done!

I want you before a judge so you can be questioned under oath about this.

Don't you dare use the name of God when you have done such horrible things. It is a huge sin, the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the holy spirit.

Bob Atchison said...

Oma, answer every allegation in that report about you that Rob posted. Do it.

Mitzi said...

Darling Bob, my guess is that darling Omele doesn't exactly possess a well-developed sense of shame.

RobMoshein said...

Every word IS TRUE Bob. Oma knows this. She won't be able to prove otherwise and won't even bother, because she can't. That's why she is avoiding it all already.

Yes, she whored out her baby and used him as the basis to scam a family out of $50,000, got her rent paid, and even got an old Mercedes to drive out of the deal...

Every word is true.

and yes Mitz, she has NO SHAME at all. Even her own FATHER was ashamed of what she did.

Bob Atchison said...

Rob, her dad was so frightened of what Oma was he emancipated her. Then he testified against her in court - her own father! What her family must think of her and I'll bet they know all of this. Horrible.

Mitzi said...

I know, darling, can you imagine the family shame?

Bob Atchison said...

Oma, won't respond - that proves it's all true. All she can do is try and change the subject.

Rebecca Jordan said...

This is all astounding. Not in the sense that it contradicts everything we know about Oma McConnell, but in the depth of depravity that it reveals. So much for the fantasy she spins about her early years --- the "molestation" that drove her to Hollywood, the need to escape, apparently from possible theft charges at the cafeteria. It was her family that wished to be rid of her, and of course it is now explicable that she took Internet revenge upon a father who had formally removed her from the O'Connells.

What is really appalling is what she has done to her poor son. From the beginning he has been nothing but an object to her, something that she could use to grift funds from the poor family that wanted to adopt him.

It is now clear why Marcus Demian moved heaven and earth to keep his children from her depraved clutches.

What a hateful, sorry excuse for a human being Oma "Hamou" is. Father Markell was right.


Blake Springpasture said...

It continues to astonish me how every few months or so the phone rings and yet another victim of Oma Hamou steps forward with information about a scam Hamou has run.

We have been contacted about cancer scams.

We have been contacted about housing scams.

We have been contacted about car purchase scams.

We have been contacted about loan scams.

And now we have been contacted about an adoption scam with her own infant son used as the pawn.

Like everything else in her life, even her son is just a stage prop for another sick act in her interminable play where she is cast as a loving mother, faithful friend, good neighbor, responsible tenant, devout Orthodox, animal devotee, Hollywood player, international jet-setter, and multi-lingual woman of mystery.

It's what "A Streetcar Named Desire" would have been had Tennessee Williams been an illiterate hick with no talent and sticky fingers.

Rebecca Jordan said...

I think what we are dealing with, Blake, is a not terribly gifted sociopath, a la people like Ted Bundy. No one is safe from her desperate self-interest, which places Oma Louise McConnell as the center of the universe: not her family, left with no other choice than to legally cut her loose as a teenager, not her son, whose parentage she does not know, and whom she prevented from being raised in a loving home, not Marcus Demian, whose family she attempted to destroy until she was legally prevented, and whom she has attempted to traduce for years on the Internet by posting pictures taken in Las Vegas after she was beaten by a john and maintaining they are evidence she was assaulted by Demian, who was in fact her victim, not her own father, whom she accused of molesting her, not her mother, whose illness she cynically exploited and with whom she maintains she has a relationship, not with a succession of people like Don Morton, Bob Atchison and landlords, whom she robs and whose lives she disrupts, and not with the succession of poor animals she has mistreated and brought to their deaths.

And girlfriend, you can scream all you want that I am not a woman because you are apparently fixated on men, but let me tell you, women probably despise you more because you shame our gender.
Your poor son. He never had a chance with an unprincipled, immoral bitch like you for his mother.


Rebecca Jordan said...

Uh-huh. It's a shame that after your Initiation into a life of crime, you didn't become a real-life Reform School Girl. They could have beaten the bullshit out of you, dear.

RobMoshein said...

MORE confirmation that the "Katherine Kennedy" story is TRUE!

San Diego Court, Case S600964 Filed 5/14/1993.
Dianne Apt v. Katherine Leigh Kennedy,aka: Oma L. Ashkenazy, Oma Demian, Rebecca Elizabeth Jordan, Oma McConnell.

Rebecca Jordan said...

You know, for a long time I was laughing my head off at some of your antics, dear. Pretending that you were a mover and shaker in the entertainment industry, which is an odd description for an uncredited player in the kind of soft core porn that shows up late nights on Cinemax. Sneaking your way into receptions for the Queen of England. The various losers with whom you associated, to say nothing of the various losers you pretend to be on your forum. The hilarity of the outfits you wear in the pictures you post.

But I draw the line at child and animal abuse. To say nothing if elder abuse (Don Morton and Marcus Demian), calumnies about religious figures (Father Markell actually suffered because of your lies, Oma), and the blithe disregard you have for the law. If only my BFF could see you now, bitch. And I am not the kind of woman who uses language like that, but if the shoe fits, dear, it fits.

Blake Springpasture said...

So here's what we have.

Oma's son Nicholas had a fleeting opportunity to have a life in a stable and financially-secure environment with a loving family.

Instead he was given a life with a mentally-ill con artist living on the run with a motley crew of drug addicts, dealers, forgers, and itinerate con artists.

And, not surprisingly, he wound up a drug addict himself with a string of convictions for violence that have landed him more than once in psychiatric care and jail.


So that his mother, who was willing to give him up for adoption as long as the adoptive family's money cow was giving milk, could instead hang onto him as a future source of funds.

Nicholas (whose birth certificate named him a Kennedy but whose arrest records call him a Moran) had one brief chance for a normal, emotionally healthy life. Instead, he wound up in a living hell of poverty, squalor, and drug addiction at the hands of a sociopathic grifter.

Man or beast, the bleakest fate that can befall one is to be "rescued" by Oma Hamou.

RobMoshein said...

One correction Blake,

Nicholas Royal Alexander Moran's birth certificate actually is in the name of "Moran". It says "Mother's Maiden name: Kennedy"

Bob Atchison said...

What do we know about that Moran guy? Didn't somebody named Moran commit suicide?

Blake Springpasture said...

Sorry for the confusion, Rob. I didn't mean to suggest that Nicholas' name was actually "Kennedy". I was taking a swipe at Hamou using the name "Kennedy" on his birth certificate as her name to try to imply her son of undetermined paternity was of that clan.

I doubt it's a coincidence that her father said she was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and that one of her earlier aliases was "Kennedy".

That's how an out-of-kilter psyche with a serious identity deficit works.

Gomer said...

yall leave oma alone she cant help it even tho we all agrred with Big Daddy when he chased her out of the trailer park.

RobMoshein said...

Hamou said: ". This family has told me they want no part of Bob Atchison and his gang. They want to be left alone. Their privacy has been invaded all because Bob and His Gang are gung ho to try to nail me to the wall. The communications sent to this family by these bastards show how desperate they are to find ways to harm me. Every word published by Rob Moshein about anything having to do with an adoption of a child remains, false, libelous and defamatory"

Well, "The Family" involved READ this blatantly FALSE statement by Oma, and they called me. They gave me permission to state that THEY contacted ME, not the other way around. THEY will GLADLY TESTIFY UNDER OATH in any Court that every single word I posted about the adoption is the TRUTH, and that entire post by Hamou is totally made up and a total lie. They are HAPPY to co-operate with us in any way they can.

RobMoshein said...

Two more points:

"IF" the adoption story was "false" WHY would "the family" contact Oma?? They weren't named, so why would they even KNOW??


Which IS IT OMA? You "Ran away from Home" as you have boasted and posted about for YEARS were placed in Foster Care, which you just now suddenly claim?


Stupid lying child abusing bitch.

Bob Atchison said...

Wow, she is such a liar. You can see how dangerous she is.

The only way to stop her from snaring new victims to to separate her from society in prison or a mental institution. I hope that will happen very soon.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"If any one wishes to send me any communications sent by Rob Moshein or anyone else connected to him can do so at"

Does that include birthday cards?

RobMoshein said...


The Family that you scammed for $50,000 that wanted to adopt YOUR child and call him "Trey" was SO appalled and disgusted by you and your last postings that they sent me the following details that ONLY you and they would know, so that YOU will know for certain that I am telling the TRUTH and you are a pathetic child abusing, animal abusing LIAR:

For Easter they sent you Estee Lauder products called "Beautiful"

They gave you your weekly allowance, but you claimed you "left your wallet in the cab" to get a SECOND allowance

You were always cooking Tortellini until your OB told you to lay off the pasta.

They provided you with a corner studio apartment

Your claimed a friend was selling the old Mercedes you wanted them to buy for you.

When you were in labor you asked them to buy you warm socks and Evian water to spray on your face

Your first day in court you wore a skirt and blazer with glasses and carried a brief case.

You are still an abusive lying bitch. And that family has insisted they will fly to any Courtroom in the world to watch you sentenced to prison and be happy to see you convicted.

RobMoshein said...

Thanks for confirming I'm telling the truth Oma.

You are a lying, abusive, mentally ill pitiful waste of oxygen and resources.

and you prove it daily.

RobMoshein said...

The Family surname starts with "S" Oma. PLEASE SUE ME. Bring me to a Court. This family has stated to me they will pay my legal bill and fly me and them to Los Angeles and prove every word I wrote is true.

DO IT. You won't because you are a lying cowardly abusive bitch.

RobMoshein said...

Hamou wrote: I intend to file a civil case against the family who you claim is responsible for the lies you have published on your libelous blog about me concerning an adoption.

Teensy yet hilarious problem with this Oma. "IF' there was no ADOPTION, then how could you POSSIBLY KNOW THE FAMILY NAME?

oopsie. moron lying bitch

RobMoshein said...

Wow, Oma is SO UNHINGED she can't keep her lies straight...

WHICH IS IT? The "Family" contacted you to complain about me OR you need to subphoena (your Hillbilly spelling) their name?

WELL?? You know the family or not??


Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"I have received communications (several) from someone who claims that you and your ilk are the ones who reached out to this family"

Once again, Oma, you fail to understand that when you post something about contacts we have had, we will know the truth of it. And since we do, your threats about all you are going to do about it are just hot air, as your claim itself reveals to us that you are lying about the "information" you have.

As for going to the police with a criminal complaint about this adoption revelation, that will make how many complaints with "law enforcement" you have filed against us? 75? 100?

And how many times have we heard from any law enforcement agency? Zero ... zero ... zero ...........

Your desperation renders you ridiculous. Well, more ridiculous than usual, at any rate.

This recent revelation about your cynical handling of your newborn son, coming on the heels of your arrest on five animal abuse charges, has made this a revelatory two weeks for us.

We have long known you were a sociopathic con artist. But even we had not yet tagged you for deliberate cruelty to those creatures who merited only love and care from you.

I can only echo the invective Rebecca and others have leveled against you today. You are a festering heap of maggot-ridden excrement crammed into a human skin. The merest pin prick of truth releases the effluvia of a septic tank.

Take that to the police.

Blake Springpasture said...

And, Oma -- let's not forget to answer that question Rob asked you:

If we were lying about there having been an adoption arrangement, then HOW did you know whom to call for giving us information about it?

If you do not answer this question with a semblance of credibility, then you have proved you are lying about their having been no adoption deal.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"It is true I did work at A&W but I quit after having to come to work with swollen black eyes and having to wear sunglasses from being hit by a father you claim never abused me."

What? A&W customers won't give their orders to waitresses who wear sunglasses?

Rebecca Jordan said...

She is unhinged. Oma, how on earth do you live with yourself? Your father cut YOU loose, dear, and the records prove it. I am sure that if we hired a detective he wod be able to access all sorts of interesting records concerning your early life, and the first few years you spent in Hollywood. Adopted by the Kennedy clan indeed. And whe I can't match the level of Blake's description of you and your mistreatment of your poor son, I can reiterate what I wrote before. You're a sociopathic bitch. I wouldn't lift a finger to physically harm you, nor would I encourage anyone else to do so. But of course many people's lives would have been better had you not entered them, and that list starts with your family, dear.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"according to the detectives, no they do not have to make contact with any of you when there is enough evidence."

Yet, nitwit. But someone does have to contact us to arrest us and to charge us with anything. And despite your claiming FOR YEARS that the police were investigating us, had assured you of our guilt, and were ready to pounce, what have we heard?

N. O. T. H. I. N. G.

Except from you, of course.

And, by the way -- where is that new RICO case? When is the hearing on your motion in Texas going to be scheduled? Where is that new bankruptcy petition? You've been promising them for months now.

You've got at least three judges just waiting for you to sashay into their courtrooms (and as many deputies and process servers waiting in the parking lots).

I know keeping things on track is a challenge for you, but this is getting kinda ridiculous.

Penelope Autumnvale said...

Oh, my dear Ms. Hamou / McConnell / Murphy / Moran. How absolutely exciting! Just like an episode from C.S.I. with police swooping down everywhere to arrest Rob and Bob and their ilk.

Will this be a coordinated multi-state sting, my pet, or a series of independent arrests? Oh, I just can't wait to find out. Do have them hurry.

And sweetest, when you go to court, may I suggest you choose different footwear from your earlier appearances? You might have to do a little dashing on the way out, and heels are just not suitable. I know how they enhance your innate aura of glamor, my dear but, at the end of the day, no one looks good in orange, now do they?

And try to choose a courthouse with a porte cochere, my love. That way your get-awa -- er, your ride -- can pull right up to the door and, should it be one of those wonderfully rare rainy days in Los Angeles, your coiffure will make it out right along with the rest of you.

Oh, and yes, darling. One more thing. I've read all about that sweet little Trey and the ups and downs of his start in this life.

You really are a cruel little bitch, aren't you, my dear?

Mitzi said...

Darlings, so exciting, just to imagine Interpol rolling up to the kibbutz and rounding me up!
Omele, sweetness, darling, the Family contacted me to say that you aren't being exactly, umm, truthful, darling, in your description of how the adoption scam you ran went down. I know, darling! I couldn't believe it either!
Well, enough time posting, I have to go pack my Vuitton with some outfits for court appearances, darling! What to wear, what to wear? Should I go with the lime green and purple ensemble with the tube socks? I don't think I could carry it off, and imagine the scene if you showed up wearing the same thing.

Oy, the tsuris never ends when you have darling you in one's life!


Nitzana Kedem said...

Damn, Mitzi. This is why I asked you to quit sending me emails about that Hamou woman. You know I just have to come over here and look, and now I see this mess about some adoption scam. You know how many times I've told you, Fritzi, and Bitsy (and I know she's told Ditsy, even though we should be keeping things away from her given her fragile state) how much i regret ever getting involved with that airbrushed bitch.

But you know what give me the oiliest feeling? It was that thing about having people spray her face with Evian to alleviate her supposed suffering. What is it with that dirtbag and premium bottled water? The whole time she was feeding me all that crap about her fake movie and galloping through Russian meadows on horses with the wind blowing through her hair (for fuck sake, WHAT was I thinking when I swallowed that shit?) for my news article, she kept waving her bottled water around to punctuate a point or to strike a pose as if it were some kind of scepter.

I can remember all her sighing and staring off into the distance as she told me about all the obstacles she had to overcome with her trust, dedication, and creativity to make her movie. I should have known something was up when she convinced me to write that the interview took place in the Beverly Hills Hotel restaurant when we were sitting there the whole damned time in a beat up old Mercedes at the Voyager Motor Inn in Van Nuys. We were supposed to be waiting for her press agent to join us before going together to the BHH. But when that old man got out of the cab, glanced our way with a slight nod as he headed up to a room, left the door a couple of inches ajar, and she told me we had to wrap things up, I should have known something was going on.

Boy, was I naive in those days. I could have been a really good journalist. But trying to hawk that crap she sold me as my first published piece was just the kind of first impression you never live down in the industry.

I feel sorry for Trey. I do. But with her genes he probably didn't have much of a chance, anyway.

But God, I wish they'd quit selling her bottled water.


P.S. If Ditsy hasn't heard about this yet, please tell Bitsy to keep her mouth shut for once, okay. Meds only go so far.

Nitzana Kedem said...

Now Oma is posting that "I can't wait to learn the identity of this bitch/bastard"

Way harsh, Oma. It's me, Nitzana. The journalist you hired.

Don't you remember? I know I've been hard for some people to find, but you said you always knew who and where I was.

Give me a call if you want to talk things over. I'm sure you still have my number.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"A civil lawsuit against Cheryl Pointdexter for $15,000 is being prepared and will be filed sometime this week."

Uh, oh. I wonder if Thomas Ward will soon have a new client.

It would certainly facilitate his business with Hamou on other matters when he sees her in court on the Poindexter matter.

Bob Atchison said...

One stop shopping - we can get Oma in court on all issues at once....

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"Judge Robles said there was no evidence I had committed any crime"

Not quite, nitwit. Judge Robles said there was no reason to keep the bankruptcy case open as you were uncooperative in filing schedules and attending Creditor Meetings, so he dismissed your petition.

Therefore, with no case to proceed, he declined to take any evidence on crimes you might have committed.

When you file next time, having already become acquainted with your conduct, he will see the filing as a fraudulent attempt to avoid state process (which he instructed Bob Atchison to pursue), and he will quite likely take the evidence next time around.

So, we are now begging you: PLEASE file that bankruptcy. NOW.

As for not refiling the RICO, I really don't understand why you'd want to wait for the police to act. You've been waiting for years at this point.

Why not go ahead and let Judge Klausner help you? You know how quickly he moves from the last time around when he dismissed your case in no time flat. Don't worry. I'm sure he'll overlook that little forgery on the proof of service paperwork you filed before, especially when Jim Sproul is subpoenaed to clear it up.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted: "Perhaps you can convince her to allow this attorney to represent her whixh will be a good thing for the criminal complaint I have filed against you."

It wasn't me who gave Poindexter Ward's number.

But no matter. Since when is it a crime to recommend a good lawyer to someone?

And just think how efficient Ward can be. He already knows so much about you.

Blake Springpasture said...

Good grief, Hamou. Are you really that stupid?

Judge Robles simply said there was no evidence you had not disclosed assets. That is a civil question, as bankruptcy is a civil matter.

You said that Robles said there was "no evidence I [you] had committed a crime."

Robles did not comment either way on whether or not you might have committed a crime. By dismissing your petition, the case did not reach the point of presentation of evidence of your prior conduct.

But it will likely get to that point the next time around.

So, please, BRING IT ON.

And, by the way, there is nothing illegal about pleading with someone to exercise their rights to use courts to make their case.

Fly that one by the police, and they'll tell you the same thing they supposedly told you about the adoption -- "what does that have to do with anything?"

Sheesh. How dense can a person be?

Mitzi said...

Darling Nitzi, sister of my heart, and occasional pain in my tuchis, sweetness,

The F-bomb? Really, darling? You know that Mammele would plotz if she was still around to hear her daughter talking like that! My G-d, Nitzi, if you had used half those words back in the day, she would have emancipated you!
As for you, darling Omele, again with the "I'm filing lawsuits! The police in Alaska are listening to me! I'm going to get all of you!"

Darling, no. No, you're not. I'm sure the FBI and the local police are perfectly polite when you show up in your illegal car --- oh, right, darling, the Mercedes was confiscated --- when you show up on the bus, probably lugging cartons filled with all of the crazy kvatch you've been posting for the past ten years or so, and they listen patiently, and they don't roll their eyes where you can see them do it, darling, but darling, and I am only saying this because I care about the mentally afflicted (don't even get me started on Ditsy!), they think you're nuts, darling. And do you know why? Because you are!

You see how happy darling Bobbele and Blakele are at the thought of getting into a courtroom with you? Not that that is ever going to happen, darling, but still --- take the hint, darling!

And stop making my sister use the F-Bomb. Honestly, Nitzi, you sound like darling Oma when she is pretending to be darling Snoopele!

Why is this post different from all other posts? Hah! Just a little Pesach humor for you, darling!

Caring so much, darling! Caring so much!


Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"Mr. Ward will have to prove she did not lie and since I know she is lying and can prove she is and has been lying, I am not worried."

Here we go again with the stupidity.

The utility of having Mr. Ward involved is not about defending Ms. Poindexter. Any lawyer can do that. It's having Mr. Ward know when and where you'll be in court so that arrangements can be made for attending to other matters that are on the agenda.

Ever since you were helpful enough to file that Bill of Review and give Bob a point of service, you have delivered one bucket of help to us after another.

Keep it up.

Bob Atchison said...

All Oma has to do is show up in court once - or turn herself in. The wheels will really start turning then. Blake, you are right - Ward knows everything and can coordinate all of our efforts, the warrants, depositions, etc.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"Your threatening me?"

First, dimbulb, it's "you're", not "your".

Second, planning to get papers served and warrants executed that were issued by a court is hardly a criminal threat.

And what's with the visits to the FBI and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and and the Burbank police all in a day? Are you having trouble getting someone to take you seriously?

But thank you again for bragging that the police agencies in Los Angeles have all decided to ignore a judge's order for your arrest. It'll be interesting to see how the judge reacts when he sees these posts.

And you seem to forget that we can see all the hits to this blog. And guess what. NOTHING from any of these police agencies, despite months of claims from you that we are under investigation.

N. O. T. H. I. N. G.

Mitzi said...

Darling, I don't think it is a good idea to just step away, darling. Run away is a far better approach to the mess your life has become. And who is responsible for the mess, darling? Why, you are, sweetness. You have never won a single judgment in a courtroom, darling, and I don't think you're going to be breaking that string anytime soon.
I post only because I care, darling. So much. So much!

Bob Atchison said...

All you have to do, Oma, is to do is give me one and phone number from any of the people in law enforcement you are talking to about me.

You won't because you can't - you simply made it all up - it's a lie like all the other claims.

You have no credibility with any one.

You have no supporters - just victims and decent people who are horrified at your crimes.

You are all alone in this, completely alone.

Arrange with Thomas Ward to surrender to the authorities, Oma.

RobMoshein said...

Translation of Oma-speak into reality:

"I am going to step away from reading any more of web postings by you or any of your friends" actually means:

Dammit, my time using the Kinko's computers is up, I'm out of cash so they're throwing me out now. I can't get internet access anymore since I have no job or credit, so I'll be offline until I can scam somebody on Craigslist for a couple of bucks..."

RobMoshein said...

More Oma-speak into reality:
" I claim she lied about my torturing animals, her having rescued 60 animals from my home"

Well, I myself can prove Cheryl is not lying about those statements:

The animal rescue people who went to get the animals revealed that there were 21 cats and THIRTY EIGHT dogs. I know you are really bad at basic arithmetic Oma, but 21+38= 59. I'd say one cat more or less is pretty much still SIXTY.

Alexandra McConnell (that would be YOU Oma) was cited for ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY and YOU were ARRESTED ON A FELONY for NOT showing up in Court on the charges!

I'd say Tom Ward will have any nonsense you file dismissed on demurrer as a result of the LOS ANGELES COURT RECORDS of which they can take Judicial Notice.

Of course, NOT until AFTER he serves you will a bunch more stuff on other matters.

Bob Atchison said...

You nailed it Rob, and how many animals did she kill through negligence, lack of care and the unbelievably squalid pigsty she created on Patrick's ranch?

Remember how she told Animal Control that she was getting a permit to run a kennel? That was a lie just to buy time.

Oma had too many animals, that was illegal, unsafe and cruel to the animals, who suffered dreadfully as a result.

Oma was unable to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care, with her neglect resulting in starvation, illness, and death.

She will always deny any of this happened. She is a dangerous animal hoarder. That is why the State of California has filed serious felony charges against her. She needs to be stopped and the State of California has made the decision to do that by filing charges against her.

Oma will never change, she will keep abusing animals. The State of California needs to ban Oma Hamou and all her akas from ever owning or housing an animal again. Otherwise more animals will suffer and die needlessly.

Blake Springpasture said...

I wonder if it's dawned on Hamou that even if she were to win any money from Cheryl Poindexter, Ward (who would be standing right there with the appropriate paperwork when the judgment was passed down) would have it attached on the spot to settle the California judgments Refai and Atchison have against Hamou.

The absolute best outcome she could hope for in suing Poindexter is that Refai and Atchison will get money. Under no scenario would she ever see a red cent.

Of course, that's assuming she wins against Poindexter -- which ain't gonna happen.

Hamou is boxed in. She can't go back to bankruptcy court without running into Judge Robles, who has seen her tricks already. She can't refile RICO without running into Judge Klausner, who already knows the case is spurious and who would now find out about forgery of documents she submitted to his court. She can't sue anybody without any potential award being seized on behalf of her creditors. The police and FBI snicker at her and toss her complaints into a file. Animal Control now has her flagged as an animal hoarder. Landlords aren't getting trapped any longer by the opening snares of her rental-to-buy housing scams. And people are continuing to come forward with ever-more-damaging revelations of her seedy past.

Yes, let's not forget the adoption scam and the stable and secure life of which her now broken, crazed, and addicted son was cruelly deprived.

Blake Springpasture said...

The Refai and Atchison judgments, plus accrued statutory interest, plus the contempt sanctions levied in Texas are fast approaching $100,000 for those two cases alone.

From their perspective, the more people Hamou sues, the better.

The problem, though, is that she never wins.

Bob Atchison said...

Oma files lawsuits to harass and intimidate her victims or anyone who stand up to her.

Oma drags in and threatens to sue family members, friends, companies to raise the ante. Her tactic is to make so much trouble for her victims they will give up going after her.

IF she files a lawsuit (99% of the time she never actually files therm) she doesn't show up for the court dates. She gets attorneys to represent her, runs up huge bills and then bolts on them - more judgments she will never pay.

She knows people freak out when she sends threatening emails to sue. They don't know what she's up to. We do.

Thank God for this blog so that people can find out about her.

STAND UP FOR JUSTICE! Don't be afraid of Oma Alexandra Louise Hamou Mcconnell Kennedy or any other name she is using.

Blake Springpasture said...

Exactly, Rob.

And now that she has run up against people who have the determination and the means to stick it out with her in court, look what's happening to her:

(1) Two outstanding bench warrants in two states.

(2) Unpaid contempt sanctions she cannot escape with her bankruptcy ploys (which was the basis of the Texas warrant that withstood the bankruptcy filing).

(3) Another bench warrant on the way if she doesn't show up for the debtor exam ordered in the Sister State judgment.

(4) People willing to go after not only her, but people such as Robert Richman who assist her in using the court system as a tool of intimidation.

(5) Two federal judges whose courts she dare not again enter.

(6) A Texas court which she peppers with motions by mail but where she will not dare actually to schedule a hearing for which she must show.

(7) More and more victims and witnesses stepping forward to tell their tales and provide more hard evidence of her decades-long pattern of running cons.

She is now mired in legal quicksand and sinking fast.

And all it took was people willing to stand their ground with her and refuse to be the passive victims or silent bystanders she thought them to be.

Blake Springpasture said...

I wonder what's happened to Hamou. She has expressed no opinion on U.S. foreign policy since her tweet on March 8.

I saw an old episode of "24" yesterday. It included a release of terrorists from a secret internment facility in -- where else? -- Palmdale.

I guess it's a hotbed for foreign policy issues.

RobMoshein said...

Such a long absence from Oma is usually the sign she is back in jail again.

Not sure where she might be in jail, though. Not in LA county, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern (not Kearn) or San Diego. I even checked Vegas for grins....

It will turn up eventually. It always does.

RobMoshein said...

One must wonder exactly WHY "if" Oma has internet access at home, she is only reading from the Kinkos Fedex late at night, about 11pm her time.

Say Oma, just what are the names of those attorneys preparing to file all those civil actions for you? Several lawyers have papers to hand them on your behalf. So, please, identify them.

Bob Atchison said...

I wonder if Oma's son now knows about the con his mother ran during her pregnancy and birth, how she using him to scam those poor people. He must be ashamed of mom, I would not be surprised if he has cut her off completely from him.

Her family knows and they must be embarrassed and ashamed of Oma. How awkward and humiliating to have your dad know what you are and to want to testify against his own daughter.

Oma Alexandra Louise etc. knows the name of every dog and cat she killed through neglect. They suffered horribly from her and she knows it. She killed the creatures she claimed to love. Remember their names Oma, remember their faces. Maybe that can melt your cruel heart.

RobMoshein said...

Sorry Oma but we SAW your post where you said you "committed fraud" against Hamid's wife by signing the promissory note! You now claim you LIED when you signed the promissory note and only signed it to "protect" your "friend" (who was still your friend even though you say he was sleazy...)

Taking it down won't change our seeing it...

RobMoshein said...

I saved what Oma/Alexandra wrote:
this man was a friend who had sex with multiple women and hung out at seedy places came to me and cried and said his wife was going to have him killed. He said she was a violent woman and he had been caught milking their account. I did not want this friend or any friend to be murdered and because I trusted him, I committed fraud against his wife so she wouldn't kill my friend. Had I knows he would be made by his wife to take me to court and get a judgement against me for the money he spent on loose women, I would have never helped him out of what I believed wasa life and death situation.

wow. Can you say "Two headed Rape Baby"? I knew you could...

hhahahahahahahahahahahah snicker

RobMoshein said...

Major problems here with your typically insane rantings Oma.

The name of Mary Sailer was used by us several years ago as somebody who had a social security number used by you under your ALIAS name of "Oma Ashkenazy" (the one you begged the Divorce Court to be able to use AFTER you divorced Marcus Demian)

WE never said that person was the one who paid you FIFTY THOUSAND towards adopting Trey. YOU did.

Now, just WHY would you decide that woman was the person adopting little psycho Nicholas Royal? I never said that YOU DID.

One wonders why...

Jew got some 'splainin to do Lucy....

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"I passed a polygraph test administered by law enforcement and it is admissable in court, Hamid never gave me $50,000 or $60,000."

Good grief. Just how many polygraph tests has this woman undergone? We hear about a new one every few days. Her arms must be bruised from the straps by now.

And, whether Hamou likes it or not, a court has ruled that Hamou did obtain over $50,000 from Refai -- and that ruling is now res judicata because, as always, Hamou failed to appeal it.

Once again, she fails to prove her case in court and instead attempts to prove it on the internet with a stream of lies and nonsense.

As for our having to prove Hamou received money from Refai, all we have to do is produce the final court judgment that establishes it as a matter of law.

RobMoshein said...

Oma aka Alexandra

PLEASE file Bankruptcy already! You've been insanely talking about it for months now. When are you going to stop getting your jollies off by talking about it and finally DO IT!


PLEASE go back to Judge Robles and Judge Klausner. PLEASE DO IT. NOW

"Sanctions may be imposed on pro se litigants where there is evidence of bad faith due to multiple proceedings which are unreasonable and vexatious. Wages v. Internal Revenue Service,915 F.2d 1230, 1235-36 (9th Cir.1990). (When) Plaintiffs have had their day in court several times over, and the litigation they continue to press here becomes vexatious and burdensome on the parties and the Court and robs other meritorious cases of their due process. The federal courts possess inherent power to impose sanctions, "when the losing party has acted in bad faith, vexatiously, wantonly, or for oppressive reasons." Aloe Vera of America, Inc. v. United States,376 F.3d 960, 964-65 (9th Cir. 2004); Patton v. County of Kings,857 F.2d 1379, 1381 (9th Cir.1988).
This Court also has the power, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1651(a) and its inherent powers, to issue an order enjoining Plaintiffs from filing any further actions or papers in this court without first obtaining leave of this Court. De Long v. Hennessey,
[ 409 F.Supp.2d 1172 ]
912 F.2d 1144, 1146-1149 (9th Cir. 1990).

RobMoshein said...

Clinton v. United States,297 F.2d 899, 901 (9th Cir. 1961) (subjecting another to repeated, baseless and vexatious suits on some particular subject matter is sufficient ground for issuance of injunction);

Specifically, (when) the Plaintiffs exhibit a pattern of filing lawsuits alleging claims that have been decided by other courts and are barred by principles of res judicata and collateral estoppel, As this Court explains, such claims are frivolous. The prolific filings by Plaintiffs of these types of claims result in a huge waste of judicial effort and time. "Flagrant abuse of the judicial process cannot be tolerated because it enables one person to preempt the use of judicial time that properly could be used to consider the meritorious claims of other litigants." DeLong, 912 F.2d at 1148.

Bob Atchison said...

Oms Hamou, I am not, nor have I ever posted as Blake Springpasture. I have always posted as myself. I really don't care that you keep posting this. I just wanted to say it again. Unlike you, I am not a liar, convicted felon, jail bird and career con-artist. The only aka I have is my own name, unlike you who uses multiple aliases and ss numbers to run her scams, I only have one.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"their friend held my child at gun point and a Judge believed that this same friend of theirs was a threat to my family and issued a permanent restraing order against him"

Uh, nitwit -- if any judge believed O'Connor held your "child" at gunpoint, that judge would have done considerably more than issue a civil restraining order.

I think you're getting a little carried away with your own melodrama. Again.

RobMoshein said...

Actually Oma, your Bill of Review was dismissed for EXACTLY the reasons I told you it would be!

AND the bankruptcy was reinstated for exactly the reasons I said it would be.

Bench Warrants issued for exactly the reasons I said they would be issued againt you ordering your ARREST.

So, PLEASE, go back to Bankruptcy Court and prove me WRONG. Go on!!

Bob Atchison said...

Amazing, Hamou just could not stop herself, she said she wasn't going to post and there she was again!

Anyway, everybody knows who and what Hamou is all about; judges, juries, detectives, law enforcement, etc.

They see low-life con-artists like her all the time; five minutes of Oma and they just roll their eyes - ridiculous claims and lies over and over again. They can see right through her.

Oma, they have heard them all and you lost every time. You will continue to loose. We enjoy seeing you loose because it means truth and justice have prevailed. You can't intimidate us with North Korean-like threats of imminent investigations of us, arrests lawsuits and the like that never materialize. You are the criminal the con-artist the scammer with a long rap sheet. You can't scare us or make us back off. We are not going away.

You must obey the judges, the court orders, the summonses and subpoenas. Turn yourself in or be brought in. It's going to happen.

Blake Springpasture said...

Rob and Bob, remember that when all those detectives call you, what you say CAN and Will be used against you in a court of law.

Haha. Heehee. Hardy-har-har. Hahahahahahaaaaaa .........

Bob Atchison said...

Please call! I WANT to talk to them. Just give us one name, Oma, just one out off the hundreds you have spoken to and you claim are on your side...

How many YEARS do we have to wait?

Turn yourself in, Oma.

RobMoshein said...

Oma the LIAR wrote: "I spent several hours away from the computer before I bothered to view your lies."

Easily proven a total and deliberate LIE!

Why? The time stamps from her own Forum.

Postby Oma Hamou on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:53 am
It is a beautiful day here in California and I am not going to waste any more time responding

then her next post:
by Oma Hamou on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:40 pm

FORTY SEVEN MINUTES. Not even one whole hour!!! A small but powerful demonstration of Oma Hamou's deliberate LIES and distortions.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"publicly humilating me on the web and in third party communications of my not appearing at court but instead had my attorneys do this"

Where was your attorney when Refai received his default judgment?

Where were your attorneys when the dozen-plus other default judgments were entered against you?

Where was your attorney at the three Creditor Meetings you failed to attend?

Where was your attorney at the debtor exam you missed in California and for which a bench warrant for you arrest was issued in the Refai case?

And, if your attorney's appearance was sufficient, why did judges in Austin issue two rounds of sanctions against you and then a bench warrant for your arrest for failure to appear?

And why did Shane Boasberg and Baruch Cohen drop you as a client after being unable to secure your compliance with court orders? Merely representing you puts a lawyer at risk of developing a bad reputation with local judges. You should have seen Boasberg plead with the judge to let him off the case.

We don't have to humiliate you. You do it to yourself.

Bob Atchison said...

Oma, you can cut and paste that stuff as much as you want. We don't read it and nobody else is reading your forum.

Law enforcement is not coming to your aid, they know what you are - a con-artist with a long rap sheet. They run into professional scammers like you all the time.

You can't threaten us with these North Korean-like blustery threats of revenge. It doesn't work.

After what you have done everyone has figured you out and cut you off. Look at what your family has done, your own father and son. I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to be cut off by one's family. What you did to force them to protect themselves from you - what secrets are still out there?

You have a despicable reputation of heartless cruelty to animals. Think of the poor creatures that died, and your negligence that killed them. They suffered terribly and died in agony and pain - young pups, dogs, little kittens and cats. You know their names, you know what happened to them. I hope they will haunt you for the rest of your life. How you can sleep at night knowing what you have done is beyond me.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"They also indicate that although their first visit to my home showed the house was dirty"

This is an extraordinary admission and indicates that Hamou thinks we do not understand how inspection authority works.

Public inspectors do not have the power to return to a home for further inspections if the home is simply a bit out of order -- a few dirty dishes in the sink, beds unmade, a bit of dust on the furniture, the floor in need of a sweeping.

They only have the power to follow up if the first inspection reveals conditions of such filth that the residence is deemed in violation of public health codes.

That dog rescue website said that Hamou was an animal hoarder who was known to them from previous encounters. Part of the mental disorder of hoarding is the hoarder's inability to perceive their surroundings as normal people perceive them.

What Hamou brushes aside as simply "dirty" must have appeared to the inspectors as extreme squalor and filth.

RobMoshein said...

Anybody else find it so appropriate that Hamou/McConnell has been comparing herself to rodents and insects lately? Seriously fits.

RobMoshein said...

More Hamou/McConnell LIES EXPOSED.

When Hamou wrote:
"I have retained counsel, Dan Melnick and he has the documentation " "in fact, my attorney, Dan Melnick, will appear in court" "My attorney, Mr. Melnick will confirm"

WELL, guess what Mr.Melnick CONFIRMED to several lawyers in the last few days? He NEVER represented her. He does NOT NOW represent her; and she is "uncooperative".

Bob Atchison said...

Rob, why am I not surprised about this attorney. Let's see if she can find another one to scam by her court dates.

RobMoshein said...

Bob, I think part of her frustration is that she CAN NOT FIND another lawyer to scam. Melnick did not fall for her lies, and called her "uncooperative". Remember Baruch Cohen dropped her like a hot potato and ALSO called her "uncooperative".

No lawyer will touch her without a substantial RETAINER of money from her. Which, of course, will immediately be attached by writ by your lawyers to enforce the Sister State Judgment in California.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"The attorney Dan Melnick has said what Rob Moshein has published on the web is a lie and he is willing to testify under oath in a court of law to this being a fact."

So we can add Dan Melnick's name to the ever-growing list of attorneys, police, neighbors, landlords, friends who are going to descend on the court to testify UNDER OATH that Hamou has it all right.

We quail in fear.

But there's a little problem. Hamou won't show up in court.

She has failed to refile for bankruptcy.

She has dropped her $100 million RICO lawsuit.

She has failed to show up for debtor's exams in Texas and California.

She has failed to schedule the hearing where she is supposedly going to get the Texas bench warrant tossed.

Come on, Hamou. Get yourself to a courtroom. We have our own list of people waiting to see you.

Blake Springpasture said...

Rob, you forgot that Shane Boasberg also told the judge in Austin that Hamou was not cooperating with him.

Not even counting her three lawyers who sued her (and won), this is three of her own lawyers just in the past year or so who have called her "uncooperative".

One has to wonder what's going on when a lawyer's own client refuses to be open with him and to produce the documents necessary for the lawyer to defend the client's interests.

Actually, one doesn't have to wonder. It's clear enough. Hamou cannot afford even for her own lawyers to know the truth about her and her lies.

That's why she went to some $15 an hour hack paralegal (Robert Richman) for "legal" assistance. And that's why Richman is going to be in court himself explaining to a judge what right he had to practice law without attorney supervision.

RobMoshein said...

You know, Blake, when one looks at Hamou's history with lawyers, it isn't a very good one.

Dog Turd Slater pawned her off onto Foster Malish.

Foster Malish never got paid so they stopped working for her and begged to be removed.

Shane begged to be removed

Baruch fired her as a client.

Melnick wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole.

Westar Legal got a judgment against her.

Freeman, Freeman & Smiley got a judgment against her.

Suzanne Curtis got a $500 judgment against her for unpaid legal bills...

Funny, for someone who insists on having "legal representation" so often, none of them would give her a glowing reference as a client.

Blake Springpasture said...

And let's not forget the law firm that got sued (and lost) for helping Hamou set up the adoption scam where she used her newborn son for bait.

It's not every often that lawyers sue or get sued in their own right. But representing Hamou is one of the surest ways for it to happen.

She is toxic to virtually anyone with two or four legs that comes into contact with her.

RobMoshein said...

Right Blake.

Anthony Carsola had to retire from practice because of the matter. Oma put him out of business and he and Susan Romig paid the family a lot of money for helping Oma pull off the adoption scam.

RobMoshein said...

I wonder if Hamou will have Anthony Carsola testify under oath that he never had anything to do with "Oma McConnell" and the adoption scam?

All her other lawyers will be there.

Blake Springpasture said...

I wonder what happened to all that supposed correspondence between us and the police that Hamou was going to get just any day and use as evidence in her barrage of lawsuits.

That was months ago, wasn't it?

Looks as if the police didn't come through for her.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hoo, boy. Leave it to Hamou to bring up some anti-semitic rant from a neo-Nazi skinhead site on her forum.

The Lancaster/Palmdale area is a regional gathering place for skinheads in southern California. Sounds as if Hamou is now hanging around with that crowd. I guess the meth dealers and prostitutes aren't coming through for her anymore.

Of course, she now has a new alias -- Oma Hanoi.

Every time we think she's scraped the bottom of the crazy barrel, she manages to come up with another scoop.

RobMoshein said...

Wow Blake, quite right.

Just when one thinks Oma Hamou aka Alexandra McConnell aka Om McConnell and now Oma Hanoi can't show her true crazy any more, she goes and proves us wrong.

In the MIDST of the current awful events in Boston, with the murder of innocent people including children, with over 100 injured VICTIMS, what does Oma do?

She resorts to using the ranting of a self avowed ANTI SEMITE SKINHEAD as some sort of "proof" of support for her. I can only imagine how PROUD Hamou/McConnell must be to so PUBLICLY associate herself with somebody who refers to Wikipedia as "Kikepedia" and likes to use that word even in the URL itself to which she links...

Baruch Cohen must be proud to have represented her. Dan Melnick too. and her friend Crav Maga Rabbi Robbie Richman must be kvelling with pride to be so closely linked to Oma/Alexandra who relies on Skinhead rascist supporters.

And here I thought she couldn't do worse than the Convicted Felon Meth dealers, Felony Burglars and Felony forgers and serial prostitute patrons she ALREADY publicly associates herself with.

Wow. Slime would be a compliment to describe her recent postings.

Illuminati II said...

O Mighty Shovel!

This is serious, O Exalted Proboscis of the Universe! The Large Jawed Woman has hacked into our communications system! WHAT NOW?

In panic,

Your Faithful Minion, Illuminati

The Grand Shovel said...

Fret not, miserable minion.

She thinks Dungeness crabs are dungeonous crabs. She does not know the difference between "your" and "you're". She thinks Farsi is an Arabic language. She sues herself. She spells "Hamou" as "Hanoi". She wears purple with lime.

Her abilities are not to be feared.

If you were taller, you would understand these things.

RobMoshein said...

What a sniveling coward Hamou/Hanoi/McConnell shows herself to be.

Notice she not once disavowed the support of a self declared RACIST anti Semite, using the charming name of "Foreskin Burglar", who admits his agenda is anti Semitic and proudly uses the word "kike".

NO, Oma/Alexandra instead pawns off responsibility to a fictional character based on an unshowered, Goodwill clothed Meth head that lurked around her in an Austin Courtroom some years ago before disappearing (just like Debbie, Justin, William, Mike and all the others did. Abandoning her when they learned the truth of her).

Hamou EXALTS in having skin head racists, Meth dealers, convicted felons and prostitutes and their customers as her friends. She ADMITS as much.

and she kills defenseless animals through neglect and cruelty to fill her Narcissistic Personalty Disorder.

Blake Springpasture said...

And never forget that she used her infant son as bait for one of her scams.

RobMoshein said...

So true Blake. The "S" family has told me repeatedly that they would GLADLY fly to any courthouse in the country at their own expense to testify under oath about Oma's baby scam.

Blake Springpasture said...

Are you sure you talked to the right person, Rob?

Hamou is posting that the adoptive family has verified to her that everything you said was a lie and that they will testify on her behalf.

It kind of sounds as if Hamou and that family are good friends.

I'm sure they don't regret a dime of the $50,000 they spent to have the infant in their care for a couple of weeks before Hamou reneged on the adoption and took off in the Mercedes she had demanded up front as part of the deal.

I can see why they would still think fondly of her.

Bob Atchison said...

Hey, Oma. Let's a schedule a day in court with a judge and you can repeat all of these things to them. Contact Ward to arrange it.

RobMoshein said...

No doubt Oma has her own reserved parking spot at the FBI office at 610 W. Avenue L in Lancaster. She is a frequent guest. No doubt they are pulling men off the Boston Bomber to hop right to this 25th complaint filed.

Funny but Mary, Trey's adoptive mother insists you are LYING. Again. She will swear under oath.

RobMoshein said...

Silly Hillbilly Oma.

If you really want to find out what Mary will testify as to your LIES, go to a COURT. She will happily show up and explain it all under oath to you.

Here is what she just now wrote me after reading what you posted:
It was around the 3 month timeline that she "changed" her mind. Can't imagine who is the "D" family. Maybe she was stringing another family along too. I had Trey for 6 and 1/2 months. She filed to get him back at the exact time the money ran out. She got extra time because she had a C section. She must remember my last name and (knows I left Texas).
She truly has no heart as I told her over and over if she had any doubts I did not want to take Trey home. She assured me over and over her mind was made up. She even offered up the prospect of having another baby so Trey would have a blood relative.

Blake Springpasture said...

Well, why else would a professional grifter have a baby other than to make some money off it?

Blake Springpasture said...

I see that Hamou is going to contribute $1.00 to a Boston marathon victims fund for every retweet she gets. (That should raise about $4.00.)

No wonder she's in such a charitable, caring mood. She narrowly missed being taken out by a bomb herself, having just come out of Lord & Taylor and jumped into a limo for the airport a few minutes before the bombs went off.

Although Boston airport was closed, she nevertheless managed to get a flight out that had her back in L.A. by bedtime.

Having barely escaped with her life on 9/11 and miraculously made it back to L.A. on a grounded flight, she has now pulled off the same amazing feat again.

She's a wonder woman.

RobMoshein said...

Well of course Blake. Not to mention the real reason the FBI has such urgency to identify and apprehend the Boston Bombers is so that they can return their teams back onto Oma's numerous complaints about us.

It must be very frustrating for both Oma and the FBI to have so many resources now focused on the Boston terror attack instead of where Oma continually demands they should be...on us.

At least they now have the means to identify a suspect, so Oma can breathe safe that the FBI will be back on our trail.

FYI FBI: Bob and I have had the same address for 20 years. You can easily find my phone number. Come on by anytime. I'd offer you some nice wine, but I know you don't drink on duty. We're here.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hmmm. I wonder if Mr. Richman is going to show for trial today or whether he'll ask for another continuance.

No matter. No one's dropping the pursuit of him for practicing law without a license. Unless he starts just blowing off court dates as Hamou does, he'll be taken to task.

RobMoshein said...

Well, we know now for CERTAIN that at least ONE MEMBER of Oma Hamou Oma Mconnell Alexandra McConnell's family works in the PORN BUSINESS!

Yep, little Nicholas Royal done got himself a job at VIVID ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, one of the LARGEST PORN COMPANIES in the US!

Right there in Studio City.

Mommie Dearest must be so proud!

Poor kid even had to get an online "virtual" High School diploma, from some place in Miami, instead of the real deal from a real school.

Plus she used him as bait for an adoption scam.

Yeppir. Oma sure deserves a Mother of the Year medal...not.

RobMoshein said...

Poor stupid Oma. There was NO Court hearing "this morning" on calendar, so "if" you went to the Court, of course nobody was there.

And if what I said about Little Nicholas Royal is "false" then your OWN SON MUST BE LYING, not me.

toodles to you Animal Killer.

Bob Atchison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Atchison said...

Oma Alexandra Louise whatever - if you were really in the court you should have turned herself in. There is a warrant for your arrest waiting for you. There are at least two and soon there will be more.

Law enforcement will get you, you will be forced before a judge to answer questions under oath. Justice will prevail.

Please call Tom Ward and arrange for your surrender.

Your son has posted that stuff about himself on Facebook, how could he be more public than that. He is obviously proud of his career, good for him. No one can judge him for it, after all it is 2013. I wish him all the best, his life has been incredibly tough - I can imagine the nightmare he has been through all this years with you.

I am not Blake. I don't care that you think I am, it's just dumb and stupid of you. But I don't think you believe it anyway, making this claim over and over again - well, it's just another part of your scam.

News of Richman later today...

Bob Atchison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Atchison said...

Oma, I simply don't know what name to use for you anymore, which one are you using?

I imagine you are operating under several AKAs these days, but how should we address you?

Call Tom Ward's office and let them know where you are living, even if you are homeless living in a cave or car somewhere.

Blake Springpasture said...

Apparently Hamou looked something up on a court site that showed a hearing today but failed to realize the hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

So once again she is caught in one of her sloppy lies, claiming she and Richman were present at a hearing that did not even occur.

This is like when she claimed that Atchison sent a letter to the Texas court that she actually knew Richman had sent, not realizing the court had saved both the letter and the envelope it came in -- with Richman's signature on the letter and his return address on the envelope.

Blake Springpasture said...

And don't be too hard on the boy for working in porn. He's been around it all his life, and at least he has a job.

I see a fluffer at Vivid gets paid $19-$21 an hour. Not bad wages for an internet high school degree. But, alas, no health insurance. So mamma's gonna have to keep running scams to pay for her various cancers.

Bob Atchison said...

Has Oma had a job in the last 10 years? Oh, I forgot, she's a glass installer employed by that company she bought, Reseda Glass.

RobMoshein said...

Well, Richman folded faster than Superman on laundry day and DISMISSED the lawsuit against Bob's lawyers, rather that have the cojones to stand in front of a judge.

Sounds familiar from "Team Hamou"

Blake Springpasture said...

Well, well. When confronted with a real lawyer who actually understands the law, Richman chickened out and dismissed the lawsuit against Bob's lawyer.

Now, with the bill run up by this absurd lawsuit, the road is now open to filing the lawsuit against Richman in Superior Court instead of Small Claims Court.

Once again, Hamou and her "legal team" have stumbled over their own feet, as the Woman Who Sued Herself rides on from calamity to calamity.

Blake Springpasture said...

It's just amazing how Hamou persists in laying traps that catch no one but her.

Her Bill of Review yielded her nothing, but it gave Bob Atchison the means to serve her for enforcement of his judgment and to get a bench warrant issued against her.

Her RICO lawsuit (which was dismissed) gave us evidence of her forging federal court documents.

Her serial filing of bankruptcies has left her with no debt forgiveness but with serious problems in attempting another filing to duck the newest bench warrants.

Her legal "adviser" Richman, by filing a spurious lawsuit that he had to drop, has now given Bob a means to elevate the coming lawsuit against Richman from Small Claims to Superior Court.

It really is hard to imagine a more ham-handed series of legal maneuvers than the ones she has attempted.

That moron Richman showed up at court today with a 20-page brief full of ramblings about Bob Atchison and Rob Moshein and Oma Hamou, none of which were relevant in the least to a lawsuit between Richman and Paul Kosacz. When Kosacz asked Richman repeatedly what evidence he had that bore on the lawsuit again Kosacz and his law firm, Richman came up dry. Bone dry.

But here's the really funny thing. Richman actually claimed that Atchison was under investigation by the FBI and could therefore not have a lawyer.

Of course, this fabled FBI investigation is nothing more than a figment of Hamou's psychotic imagination. But since when does being under police investigation prevent one from having a lawyer?

Even at $15 a hour for Richman's "legal services", Hamou is getting ripped off big time.

In fact, it's pretty clear that the seller is as crazy as the buyer.

Rebecca Jordan said...

Is everyone else bemused by the idea that she sat out of the area to scope out the attorney. And that the dupe actually told the court that everyone is under FBI investigation?

Who is stalking whom, girlfriend? I mean, the least you could have done would have been to send Snoopy in to give the man some solidarity love. You caused this, after all. So why wasn't Justin there? Or Sandman? Or?

Oh. Right. My bad.


Blake Springpasture said...

Oh. My. God.

I just saw a copy of the "brief" Richman intended to file in the lawsuit he dropped today.

On page 1 it says:

"I was asked by the FBI and US Department of Justice, at the highest level, to monitor national security, white collar crime, and racketeering issues."

And from there it gets even crazier -- for 26 more pages.

Interestingly, the statements supposedly written independently by people attesting to Richman's credentials all just happen to use identical language to that above.

It's a real shame that Richman dropped the lawsuit. It would have been a hoot to watch a judge try to make sense of this psychotic idiocy. Ditto for the RICO lawsuit that Hamou refuses to refile.

Why are our hopes always dashed by Hamou or her cohorts never actually showing up in front of a judge with their nonsense?

Bob Atchison said...

That was one bizarre document.

Somebody needs to tell him how to spell my name.

Sproul doesn't know how to spell Hamou.

I could go on an on.

RobMoshein said...

Blake, Bob,

What do you expect? Richman is so stupid and clueless, he BELIEVES Oma's lies and deceptions!

Hook Line and Sinker. He's another VICTIM of Oma Hamou and her LIES and scams.

I'd feel sorry for him, sort of, if he weren't such a complete moron, as evidenced by his unintelligible language, total lack of understanding the law, and utter lack of comprehension of English.

No doubt he will realize he has been conned by Oma. Just like Hamid did. Just like Tina did. Just like Justin did. Just like Mike did. Just like William did. Just like Debbie did. Just like Michele did.
Just like Patrick did. Just like the woman who signed for the used Mercedes did.

Oma's victims always figure it out. Maybe Richman just isn't smart enough to have done so yet.

Hell the idiot doesn't even comprehend that I'm JEWISH and he called me "anti semitic" hahahahahahahahahaha!

Penelope Autumnvale said...

Oh, my dear Mr. Moshein. That Facebook thing about poor Nicholas was just too, too sad for words.

Here the young man could have been raised by a wealthy woman, had a stable environment, the best of education, and enjoyed a life with some promise.

Instead the poor thing was raised by a grifter, got a mail order high school degree, had a felony history at a tender age, got hooked on methamphetamine, apparently spent way too much time around someone who likes to photograph women semi-nude, works for a pornography company, and publishes on the internet that one of his favorite things -- oh, how I blush even to say it -- is to "get head".

The poor dear. He just didn't have a chance, did he, my pets?

RobMoshein said...

Just saw this quote from Bill Cosby online, and it was so a propos for Oma/Alexandra and her world called Crazytown:

"You post all your drama all over the internet...then get upset when people JUDGE YOU? You must a special kind of stupid."

Rebecca Jordan said...

I'm sort of stunned you even know what "giving head" means, Penelope, although when I looked at the boy's page, I did notice that there were enough pictures available that a reasonably bright five year old could have figured it out.

Poor kid. It breaks your heart to think of the opportunities she deprived him of, and not even out of what would have been understandable emotions --- at the last minute, she decided that she loved him too much to part. That, of course, is belied by the idea that she couldn't even be bothered to pick him up until the day after she was supposed, left with the baby in her arms as opposed to a child safety seat, and then proceeded to create white might charitably be described as a "troubled" upbringing.

By the way, I haven't wanted to mention it, but I myself post at the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, the FBI, Mossad, MI-5, Interpol, the Surete and the Royal Canadian Mounties. But if Mr. R. can come clean, I suppose we all should.

I'm going to try and walk my dog on the beach. Hope everyone has a good day.


Penelope Autumnvale said...

Oh, Rebecca, my dear. Of course I know what "getting head" means. I was, after all, a married woman for some years and had to say no to Mr. A often enough to remember.

But I'm just too embarrassed for words. Upon reflection, I'm sure that Nicholas meant to write that "getting ahead" was one of his favorite things, not "getting head". I'm mean really, my pet, what kind of person would write such a thing on a web page introducing himself to the general public? I'm sure the darling boy just inherited his mother's spelling skills.

Why, upon reflection, I'm wondering if perhaps all those bad checks people think Ms. Hamou / McConnell / Murphy / Moran / Hanoi writes to them are not simply the unfortunate result of spelling confusion. Knowing how deeply religious she is, perhaps she misreads "Pay to the Order of" as "Pray to the Order of". She's not offering them her money, my pet. She's offering them her prayers -- something a sensitive soul such as she would certainly view as a greater gift than mere rent money.

Her account at Bank of America may be empty. But her account with the Lord is surely full to overflowing.

You know, as I think further on this, my sweets, perhaps it was a good thing, after all, that Ms. S's adoption of little Trey / Nicholas fell through. All he would have had with her would have been security, stability, and money. The poor tyke would have been denied the infinitely greater wealth of Ms. H/M/M/M/H's abiding spirituality.

Why get all upset over a missing baby car seat, my dears? That little baby stayed safe enough, living to follow in mama's footsteps into adult court.

RobMoshein said...

To be fair to the kid, Nicholas Royal has done his Mamma one better. HE has a JOB, a real one. Something Oma/Alexandra has not had in at least the last fifteen YEARS...

well, at least a job she will fess up to publicly and/or that can be PROVEN to have existed...

RobMoshein said...

Say, does anyone else wonder if Oma called in some favors from friends of years gone by to GET the kid the job in Porno??

Makes sense...following in the old girl's footsteps.

RobMoshein said...

Oma. LEARN TO READ already.

The case history file reads as follows:

EFFECTIVE 05/28/2013

It doesn't mean the Judgment isn't "effective" until May 28. It MEANS the transfer of the case to Stanley Mosk Courthouse will be EFFECTIVE as of May 28.

Hillbilly moron...

Bob Atchison said...

Oma, can you please tell me what I should call you? It's a simple thing, but I don't know what identity you are using or prefer these days. I heard new ones have been uncovered, it's very confusing.

Oma, aka etc., you have written how much you like Tom Ward and how he is your friend. Call him and he can explain everything to you about the arrest warrants and judgments against you. Then you won't be confused anymore.

Let's get this all in a courtroom and in front of a judge and you can make whatever case you want. Call Ward's office and make the arrangements, what do you have to be afraid of?

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"After having spent a considerable amount of time this morning with law enforcement"

This post was as 9:53 a.m. this morning. According to the time stamp on the "Ask Oma" forum, that would be 8:53 a.m. PDT.

If Hamou had already spent "considerable time" with law enforcement before getting home to post before 9:00 a.m., it almost sounds as if Hamou spent the night with "law enforcement".

Maybe she chatted up one of the guards.

(Remember that on March 9 Hamou posted that she had "spent a good portion of yesterday with law enforcement" -- and it turned out that she had been arrested on March 8 for one felony and four misdemeanor counts of animal abuse. At least she was telling the truth Hamou style. She had, in fact, spent a good portion of the day with law enforcement before she could post the $2500 bail.)

Bob Atchison said...

Just one name of any of these hundreds of law enforcement people you have been talking to over the years, just one, just one...

We WANT to talk to them. Call Tom Ward's office and arrange it, Oma aka, etc..

BTW Blake busted you again, liar.

What legal name should we be using and what is your address?

RobMoshein said...

WELL! A most interesting package just arrived from somebody. Seems it contains DOZENS of pages of the actual COPIES of the numerous complaints made to Animal Control in Los Angeles County about "Oma Moran", "Alexandra Oma Louise Hamou McConnell", "Oma McConnell", "Alexandra McConnell", ALL at Patrick's address in Littlerock.

Interesting, that three or four of them were from Cable TV employees working on adjacent properties...

December 19, 2011: Cable Company employee called in to report "Over 20 dogs in a garage, 20 large dogs in crates in the bedroom, 25-30 cats in one room.

February 29, 2012:
Animal Control inspection report.
went to location and was able to contact owner Alexandra Oma Louise Hamou McConnell, (the officer name blacked out) advised her of complaint and advised her we needed to check on condition of dogs and cats. ... on east side of property she had a modular unit with 15 cats that are positive for pan luke (meaning Panleukopenia, a deadly form of distemper in cats, transmitted by filthy conditions), there were also new kittens in unit among sick ones, floor was covered with feces and urine, unit had a very foul odor, bedding was dirty.

in a shed in backyard she had two large aggressive dogs, conditions were dirty in the house in the first room she housed 18 puppies,in what I assume is the living room she had six dogs in crates, one poodle loose, and one old lab mix that was covered in dried up fecal matter laying on the floor she said dog is old and cannot get up, she did not tell me how long dog had been in this condition but it was evident that dog had been that way for a long time. In the far west bedroom there were at least twenty cats living in filthy conditions, three cats were sick.

In her room to the north was two bull mastiffs that she claimed to own herself. In a side yard to the west were nine more dogs of various breeds and two dogs in front yard. Advised her of the filthy conditions stating to her that the animals could be seized today because of these conditions.

at the end is something intersting, the officer added: she also gave me several names telling me they were her just different.

I'll post the actual documents later when I get a chance to scan and upload.

I'll also compile all the many dates complaints were filed about her.

THIS is the REAL Oma Hamou McConnell. THIS is how she lives.

Animal Cruelty at its ugliest.

Bob Atchison said...


Are you absolutely devoid of any human empathy, especially for animals? Gizo, Je, Allan - remember them?

I have read the report, too. I could not believe what I was reading, the descriptions of the HORRORS on the Littlerock ranch.

The stench, the filth, disease, squalor and misery of the animals - unbelievable!.

The reports of howls, screams and cries from those innocent dogs and cats; it breaks my heart.

20 dogs in the garage, 20 in the bedroom, 0-25 in another room???

Agonized death, emergency euthanasia, 18 puppies - a puppy mill??? PARVO!

Shame on you, OMA, shame on you!

Thank God for the hero cable guys who reported her, who knows how many animals were saved as a result.

Bob Atchison said...

Upload those documents, Rob, the world has to see them. The word needs to get out to the animal world, to vets, rescue groups, humane societies, animal welfare groups across the country about what she has done. SAVE THE ANIMALS!

Blake Springpasture said...

This situation with animals is an illustration of her entire life and how she spins fantasies that are the exact opposite of reality and then blathers them all over the internet in self-laudatory sites.

Claim: She is a movie producer.

Truth: She ran a film scam accumulating over a half million dollars in damages to others.

Claim: She is a loving mother.

Truth: She used her pregnancy as bait for a $50,000 adoption scam, then raised the boy to be a violent felon, drug user, and porn hound.

Claim: She is an animal lover who rescues needy animals.

Truth: She hoards animals in incredibly filthy and deprived conditions, rising to felony animal cruelty.

And it goes on and on -- rental scams, check-writing scams, automobile scams, cancer scams .........

Everything she says is a lie. Some big, some small. But everything.

Bob Atchison said...

Blake, that was a great overview.

Oma will never admit to anything. I am just waiting for her to claim the report we have is a forgery.

Kennedy - Hamou - Moran - Mcconnell can never be rehabilitated. The only way humanity - dogs and cats, too - can be protected from her is for Oma - Alexandra - Louise to be put away in an institution or separated from society in prison.

Bob Atchison said...

February 29, 2012:
Animal Control inspection report.
went to location and was able to contact owner Alexandra Oma Louise Hamou McConnell, (the officer name blacked out) advised her of complaint and advised her we needed to check on condition of dogs and cats. ... on east side of property she had a modular unit with 15 cats that are positive for pan luke (meaning Panleukopenia, a deadly form of distemper in cats, transmitted by filthy conditions), there were also new kittens in unit among sick ones, floor was covered with feces and urine, unit had a very foul odor, bedding was dirty.

in a shed in backyard she had two large aggressive dogs, conditions were dirty in the house in the first room she housed 18 puppies,in what I assume is the living room she had six dogs in crates, one poodle loose, and one old lab mix that was covered in dried up fecal matter laying on the floor she said dog is old and cannot get up, she did not tell me how long dog had been in this condition but it was evident that dog had been that way for a long time. In the far west bedroom there were at least twenty cats living in filthy conditions, three cats were sick.

In her room to the north was two bull mastiffs that she claimed to own herself. In a side yard to the west were nine more dogs of various breeds and two dogs in front yard. Advised her of the filthy conditions stating to her that the animals could be seized today because of these conditions."

I read that, too. That poor old lab. I imagine we'll now be hearing that is a forgery and that animal control loves her.

The State and People of California are after her for animal cruelty in a serious pending action. Maybe this will get her put away.

Bob Atchison said...

Oma should go through that report line by line with her responses to each claim. I hope the Judge will forbid her from every owning or housing an animal again. Of course she never obeys any court orders, does she.

Bob Atchison said...

Wow that was at least 70 SEVENTY dogs and cats in one small house with Oma and everybody who was living with her at the time. Imagine the filth, contagion and the smell; it sounds like something out of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. Well, we don't have to imagine much - the conditions are detailed in the reports.

Any surprise how many dogs and cats she killed, wow, and no remorse, no pity.

RobMoshein said...

Don't worry Bob! I will indeed scan and post the complaints, with all her different names, and detailing the filth and ANIMAL ABUSE with which she is currently CHARGED as she proved herself by posting the entire complaint.


Don't forget the dogs she MURDERED by leaving anti-freeze out for them to DRINK. They were the victims of her negligence and abuse too.

The new documents will also go up on the LANDLORDS BEWARE OF OMA HAMOU blog so that property owners she may try to target as her "landlord" will KNOW THE SQUALOR SHE LIVES IN AND THE DAMAGE SHE DOES TO HER DWELLING PLACES.

RobMoshein said...

Wow, Oma doesn't ever REMEMBER tweeting all about her dogs being poisoned and dying from drinking anti freeze that was left out on Patrick's property while she was camping out in the desert!

Yah, she loves her animals a lot. So much so she doesn't even rememnber that? Yeah, Right.

RobMoshein said...

Here Oma...
Oma Hamou ‏@Oma_Hamou 11 Sep
I am overwhelmingly sad 2 night...3 of my beloved dogs died 2 day..died in their sleep...posionous substance was n the dogs drank

@Oma_Hamou 12 Sep
I buried my dogs today. I am so sad. I love and will always love them. Goodbye "Illeana, Chico and King" God bless n keep u happy n Heaven

Bob Atchison said...

I am still waiting for Oma Alexandra Louise aka etc. to go through the report of animal control line by line and admit that it is true. We know she won't. What could be her excuses?

1. The report is a forgery

2. That wasn't me or my ranch, the report got the address wrong

3. The Animal Control Officer was a member of the the Alexander Palace Time Machine Gay mafia and sent by them to harass me

4. The animals were planted and that was Bob Atchison saying he was me

5. It was all a mistake, Animal Control loves and admires me and my care of animals

6. I was raped during the inspection and am now pregnant

7. I have uterine cancer that has spread throughout my body and I could not care for those poor puppies and kitties!

8.That was me on the floor not Jake. I have pictures to prove it which I have shown to law enforcement

RobMoshein said...

Oma's sordid tale is clearly laid out when one examines the documents of the TWELVE nearly monthly complaints made to Animal Control between June 2011 and August 2012 about her animal cruelty and animal hoarding.

I've put up the whole thing including SCANS of the original documents, over on the Landlords BEWARE blog, and I'll update the Oma Hamou VICTIMS blog with them as well, but here are the details which emerged:

This file also documents her use of various alias names. She was "Oma Moran" in the report filed July 12, 2011

A cable company employee called in a complaint of more than 20 dogs and 20 cats, many of them clearly ill, housed in filthy conditions on December 19. 2011

On February 29, 2012, when Animal Control went to inspect the property, she was suddenly "Alexandra Oma Louise Hamou McConnell" in a report that found filthy foul living conditions and found FORTY ONE DOGS and well over THIRTY CATS on the premises

ORDERS TO COMPLY was issued the same day, February 29, for her to remove the cats and all but three of the dogs, and to clean the place up

The City went BACK, but she still had not cleaned up the place. On March 7, 2012, the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services issued her a CITATION FOR HEALTH CODE VIOLATIONS

Some FIVE FULL MONTHS were allowed to her to comply with these orders. Animal Control went BACK on August 1, 2012 and found she still had TEN dogs and 20 cats, 3 of which were still sick

On August 23, 2012, Los Angeles County Animal Control went BACK and found Oma/Alexandra STILL had not complied, and reported observing TWELVE DOGS and some cats still inside the house!

Animal Cruelty charges were filed against her January 29, 2012 in Palmdale.


RobMoshein said...

OK! I have also now updated the VICTIMS blog to include the new timeline of the animal cruelty and scans of the Animal Control Documents!

Bob Atchison said...

Wow, thanks Rob. Now everybody can see the original documents for themselves.

Bob Atchison said...

Alexandra - Oma - Louise, etc AKAs... please give us the name of the person in the District Attorney's office you want us to contact along with their phone number. We will be happy to talk with them. Call Tom Ward's office and arrange it, if you want.

We have many, many court orders to discuss with you there and in Austin.

RobMoshein said...

Oma the Health department cited you for "excessive accumulation of animal waste". That was NOT Patrick's doing nor his responsibility to pick you YOUR dog's crap.

PS, Its the first of the month today and funny, but your website is DOWN again for not paying the hosting!

Just like seems to happen the first of every month...

Having trouble coming up with that $5 a month there Oma?

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"You would think during this long standing struggle I would have been arrested"

Uh, dimbub. You have been arrested -- at least TWICE of which we know. And you also have two outstanding warrants against you right now in two states.

Blake Springpasture said...

Hamou posted:

"my ex-landlord did believe the lies you published on the web and because she believed I didn’t have the money to make good on a check that came back NSF I was arrested"

The police don't arrest people unless they believe a crime was committed. They would not have arrested you just on Huiku Batchelor's say-so, as such an arrest had to be by warrant requested by a D.A. and issued by a judge.


Bob Atchison said...

Food for thought in view of the revelations of the last few days:

According to the PAWS website,

'Children learn about abuse by being its victim. They often fail to develop empathy and, without this key quality, they cannot recognize their victims' pain. When they begin to act out their abuse trauma, children first target animals. As adults, they find new victims among the most vulnerable--children, partners and the elderly.

In addition, the same website points out the following facts:

'The FBI sees animal cruelty as a predictor of violence against people and considers past animal abuse when profiling serial killers.

National and state studies have established that from 54% to 71% of women seeking shelter from abuse reported that their partners had threatened, injured or killed one or more family pets...

In assessing youth at risk of becoming violent, the U.S. Department of Justice stresses a history of animal abuse.

More than 80% of family members being treated for child abuse also had abused animals. In two-thirds of these cases, an abusive parent had killed or injured a pet. In one-third of the cases, a child victim continued the cycle of violence by abusing a pet.'...

According to the 'Community Policing Dispatch', the e-newsletter of the COPS Office dated March 2010, 'animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people, four times more likely to commit property crimes, and three times more likely to have a record for drug or disorderly conduct offenses. Approximately 70% of domestic violence abusers have records of other crimes and 60% had a household pet.'

Bob Atchison said...

In the case of Oma Alexandra Louise, aka, etc. She knew that she had far too many animals - way, way beyond the legal allowed without a permit for a kennel - a serious criminal violation - but she didn't care about the laws or regulations of LA County.

She did not have the ability to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care and this neglect resulted in starvation, illness, and death.

She didn't care about the results of this animal abuse and denies she ever did anything wrong. She will not admit her inability to provide minimum care for these dogs and cats. She ignores - or is totally indifferent - to the impact of that failure on the animals, Patrick's property, and the people who shared it with her.

Thank God for those brave people who came forward and exposed the nightmare conditions they saw and turned her in. If we knew their names we could nominate them for hero medals. Not one but TWO hero cable installers were witness to Hamou's abuse of animals. They could have remained silent but they didn't.

Was it because they were animal lovers themselves? Was the scale of the abuse so huge that no one could have ignored it - an animal Auschwitz? Perhaps more facts will emerge out at Hamou's trial for animal abuse. It will be interesting to see how she tries to justify her actions before a judge.

Bob Atchison said...

Is it any surprise that Oma refuses to address the reports made against her by Animal Control, instead she attacks the people who have exposed her. This has been her tactic for years.

Oma, call Tom Ward's office and arrange to turn yourself in on the California Bench Warrant. When you do that you will have your opportunity to go before a judge and say whatever you want. This could be done today.

Then you can come to Texas and and talk to a judge here, we'll pay for your trip. You won't have to worry about your accommodation and meals, the Travis County jail is actually quite nice. If you are worried about having the right outfit for your visit to Texas, have no concern; Travis Country will provide you with a gorgeous orange jumpsuit.

Bob Atchison said...

All we ask for is one name of any law enforcement person from the hundreds you have claimed to have met with. Just one name, just one phone number.

As a proven liar, con artist, convicted felon with close to $1 million in unpaid judgments against you - and at least two active arrest warrants for your defiance of court orders - do you think anyone is going to believe anything you post?

Bob Atchison said...

BTW - it's David WALLIN - not Wallen.

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